Edublogs Goes To Israel: What Would You Like To Know?

Next week, I have the honor of visiting Israel as part of Vibe Israel’s education tour. The purpose of the week-long trip is to bring together a diverse group of educators and bloggers who then go back and share with others about the experience.


During the tour, we’ll be meeting and visiting with schools, government leaders, students, edu-entrepreneurs and other stakeholders. Vibe Israel is an apolitical non-profit that has facilitated these tours for different subjects in the past, but never before one specific to education.

This will be my first visit to Israel – a country I honestly know little about – and I couldn’t be more excited!

Want To Follow Along?

If this tour sounds interesting to you, there are a few ways you can virtually tag along for the ride!


Follow me (@ronnieburt) as I plan to update regularly throughout the trip.

We’ll share the highlights over on @edublogs as well.


The VibeIsrael instagram account is sure to have excellent photos from the tour.


On all major social platforms (facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.), the #VibeEdu and #VibeIsrael hashtags will help aggregate updates from the others on the trip too.


And right here on this blog, we’ll publish follow-up posts too, so stay tuned!

What Would You Like To Know?

Do you (or your students) have any questions you’d like me to research during the trip?

Perhaps about daily school life, customs, culture, food, technology use, or anything at all.

Leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to address them in our follow-up posts in the coming weeks!

5 thoughts on “Edublogs Goes To Israel: What Would You Like To Know?

  1. Good to hear that you visit Israel. I have been there for a month and it was a great experience: lovely open people, amazing nature, culture and history. I would really like to hear how your journey was. Hopefully, once the hole Middle East can be on that level of development as Israel now is. Btw I just posted my own new video about Israel on my blog. Please check it out. :O)

  2. Dear Ronnie,
    As a client of edublogs, I have advocated the use of your amazing and professional services among clients at my preschool and kindergarten and beyond. Regrettably, with clients from a fragile part of the world that is faced with conflict and misunderstandings, I think Edublogs ought to be more culturally sensitive and careful as to how the trip to Israel is promoted. Although your initiative is non-political, you err by portraying the Aqsa Mosque (in your image) as a depiction of anything remotely related to Israel! This, sir, is the core of the conflict in this region and the world! This is the source of all the global conflict arising today from the clash of civilisations! With daily atrocities being committed by the Israeli army and fanatic Israeli settlers against women, children and the elderly in Palestine, it is very difficult for clients from my part of the world to accept your promotion of this visit without careful prior scrutiny. Despite people like me who are believers in coexistence and peace, there is still strong sentiment among many (including Europeans) who push for boycotting any relations with Israel. Your promotion of this trip has put me, as a founder of a school in Jordan, in a tight spot. Unfortunate, but true. I hope this serves as a sad introduction to your journey.

  3. I would like to know about special education in Israel, how much inclusion is practiced, and if Israeli communities are accepting of people with disabilities.

  4. I would like to know what courses other than “core subjects” are offered for Israeli students. For example, in high school, do they get religious studies, self-protection programs, physical education, etc.?

  5. Hi there! What a coincidence! I’m heading down to tel-aviv and visiting for the first time as well! I’m a primary school teacher in Singapore and I’ve always wondered what goes on in their schools there. What sort of programmes they run , what technology do they use in the classroom etc. I’ll follow you on your IG and Twitter. Hope to learn from your experience.

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