HelpingThe Edublogger has been set up by Edublogs — “the largest education community on the Internet” where you can sign up for a free WordPress-powered blog — and is dedicated to helping educational bloggers with using emerging technologies in education, share their own experiences and promote the blogging medium. Photo by woodleywonderworks.

About the Editor

My name is Sue Waters and I’m well known for my Mobile Technology in TAFE blog. As a blogger I’m about — practical application of technologies in education, and most importantly HELPING OTHERS learn how to use these technologies. The Edublogger will be an extension of what I already do, but at a central place within Edublogs.

Bit of an understatement — but I am extremely excited to be involved with The Edublogger because it increases my potential to interact and connect with a larger community, hopefully helping even more people.

Getting Started

The Edublogger is not about me, but the educational blogging community. It is about us working together, helping each other, sharing our experiences and learning together. My role is to help bring the community together. So please help us to get this journey underway by assisting us with the following:

  1. What interests you? – Are you interested in …. ‘How-to” tips? Blogging tips? Getting others educators involved in using technology? Tips on using Edublogs? Or are there other topics that interest you?
  2. Blog Tweaking – New blogs always needs some tweaking! Are there design features, widgets or things you’d like to see?
  3. Subscribing to The Edublogger Subscribe in a reader

Please share your thoughts, and encouragement, in the comments of this post.

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87 thoughts on “Welcome to The Edublogger!

  1. hi~

    Is there a way other than trying each theme out to learn which ones allow changing the default font size/style? I’m more concerned with size at this point.

    Thanks ! I’m looking forward to using this with my students.

  2. Thanks Gail (Blogwalker) – your manual is excellent and will suggest people check it out.

    Sue (Tasteach) you are doing an excellent job and the widgets don’t look they are running into each other to me. If I had any suggestions I would remove Calender as it is not really necessary and put comments at the bottom of the side bar. Sounds like you recommend I should also add the video.

    Mcwane2008 – this will depend on the code it is using. If it contains Javascript then there is a problem.

  3. Hi Sue,
    Read up on your blog and that showed me how to subscribe, but the video you mentioned actually showed me what RSS was about. It was excellent and well worth viewing.

  4. Sue,
    Thanks so much for your information on the drop down boxes. Have made changes now to my sidebar but each section looks like they are running into each other. How can I make them look separate? My next step to read up on RSS and email from your previous post.

  5. Hi Gail – thanks for telling me about the information on Lorelle’s site on tags and categories. I will definitely use it when writing a post on this topic; I also have librarian bloggers who have been providing me information on this as well. Gail are the resources you use for teachers on your blog or located on another site?

    Excellent news Sue (Tasteach) – I popped past your site and was so excited with what you have achieved so far. In your available widget area you should have two search widgets – Search and Google Search. I prefer to use Search because it is simple and searches within the blog. To add to your blog drag the Search widget from the Available Widget area to your Side Bar area and then click on Save Changes.

    Explaining RSS feed compared to email can be hard for new people to get their head around. I have tried to explain it on this page of the blog and would appreciate your feedback to whether I have explained it adequately. Also worth watching RSS in Plain English. If you feel the video explains it clearer I will add it to my explanation.

    My archives and category boxes are drop down menus – the reason why I have done this is to reduce clutter on the side bars. If you click on the small boxes on the right of the widget it opens up the widget and you can select the options. I just ticked the drop down menu option for each.

  6. Sue, thank you so much for this explanation about how to embed widgets and what they are. I have now changed a few things in my sidebar and have embedded the clustrmap widget. Now a couple of other questions: what is RSS feed compared to email? Also how do you get the search widget and how do you make your categories and archive widgets look like search boxes instead of lists?

  7. Mrs Emery – We are happy to be providing this resource and working with the community. Tracking traffic to your blog is a really great question and a topic that many want to know more about. I use Google Analytics and will write a post on how to install it so you can get the maximum out of using it.

    I thought, Mr Moshe, that the reason for Photobucket had to relate to sites being blocked. Will have to get back to you on this matter.

    Actually Sue (tasteach) they are really fantastic questions. A Clustr map is an example of widget – but I will find a more in depth explanation because there will be many people that want to know what they are as well as how to embed Clustr maps. What can I say – categories and tags are a fantastic question – I was discussing this exact topic and getting my friends to explain this for me clearly this week. So will definitely get back with a simple explanation.

  8. From a total newbie. What are widgets? I would like to put a clustr map on my blog, have got the HTML code saved at the moment. How do I do that? What is the difference between categories and tags and why do both appear on my posts on my blog? Do I need them both?

  9. A good majority of the kids already have photobucket accounts. I do too. I was considering a rockyou account, but it’s blocked at my school site; as is bubbleshare. Not sure what to do here.

  10. Sue,

    Thanks so much for providing this resource!

    Something I am interested in: How can I track the traffic on my blog? Sometimes I get comments, but I would like to know exactly how many people (hopefully my students) are at least just going to the blog in the first place.


  11. Hi Mr Moshe – the video doesn’t appear to be working for me. For my own personal curiosity – Is there a reason why you prefer photobucket?

    Hi Gail (Blogwalker) – Glad you liked my blog and thanks for suggesting the Tip of the Day — will definitely be getting back to you on this. James and I are very excited about working with the community.

    Hi Christine (SocProf) – Plugins are definitely James area so will forward the information on.

    Hi Carla – thanks for such a nice warm welcome and you are correct it is definitely OUR blog.

  12. Like Gail, I have a vague sense of what I want without really specifics: I want more plugins… not sure what’s out there but I’d like to have options.


  13. Hello Sue,

    I just visited your blog and can already tell that you know things that I need to know. The trouble is I don’t always know what those things are. I would love it if you posted a link to a Tip of the Day kind of thing that would appear in our Dashboards. I’m subscribing to The Edublogger right now, and look forward to following discussions and learning new strategies.

    Thanks to both you and James for providing us with powerful tools and a dynamic learning community,


  14. Sue,

    As it turns out the videos may not be working at my school site because the district I teach in is blocking content from that site.

    Maybe you could head over to the link here —-

    Let me know if it works for you. I had one student tell me it worked from her computer at home. So my suspicion may be correct.

    But since you ask, I’d like to see seamless integration of content if it can be worked out.

    Thanks !!

    Cheers !!

  15. Hi John – fairly good detective work. Definitely a Cadbury’s chocolate bar but in the other hand is a bottle of coke – many say these are my secret weapon for keeping up with everything I do. There will definitely be no Picnic bar in my hand 🙂 as I’m not into Picnics 🙂

  16. Hi Sue,
    I see that you like chocolate, Cadbury’s chocolate, and is that a Picnic bar in your left hand? It is the historian in me, examining photographs for intricate details of the society and clues to dates, etc.
    Once again, all the best!

  17. Hi John – thanks for your kind words and especially all the support you always provide me.

    Thanks Gabriela – glad you joined us at The Edublogger. Thanks for all the great links you give me in

    Hi Kevin (Dogtrax) – we hope it will be a great resource for educators, and hope the community will work together to help one another.

    Larry – will get back to you on widgets and embedding videos. Really appreciate the feedback you are providing — keep them coming.

    Yes I also have fond memories of that exact conversation Graham. Now doesn’t that prove it if Sue Waters can become a blogger that that there is hope for everyone!

    Hi Thomas — thanks for your feedback I will forward it onto Support.

    Thanks Joel – definitely new and exciting. I really appreciate all the support you have always shown me.

    Well Darren — what can I say! 🙂 You are right I did ask the questions. The whole echo chamber issue is a very interesting point because to some extent there is a need for echo chambers because interacting with different networks means you don’t always hear the news; and some people limit their sources. Scary thought Sue’s version of OLD daily – nice thought but for me there is only one Stephen Downes. To be honest I don’t envy Stephen Downes — in the short time I have been using the Shared Google Reader integration with Gtalk I have seen how individual people’s preference’s in posts are. But you are right – and you are spot on with “community effort” because my aim is a community effort where we respond to the questions asked by the community with the community assisting by answering the questions.

    Hi Mr Moshe – thanks for both the congratulations and for your feedback on videos. Are there any particular video sites that are causing you more issues than others? Or perhaps you can give me the link to those you are having trouble with so I can investigate closer.

    Thank Brian – as always appreciate both yours and Darren’s support. Will work hard to give my best!

  18. Sue, as always, you rock. I have to agree with my fellow countryman, Darren above. I think you are right for this and that we need the best of the best if you can! We’ll help all we can by sharing and adding comments, etc. Best of luck on this! We’ll be watching (and commenting)!

  19. Larry,

    Thanks for bringing a focus on video embedding. I tried to embed videos a number of times in the last few weeks, and it doesn’t seem to want to work.

    Not sure why.

    I’d like more options for video embedding

  20. Congrats, Sue! You’re perfect for this!

    You asked for it, I’ll give it to you:

    What I don’t need is another echo in the chamber. Personally, I think this blog would do well to act as another filter in bringing the great posts to the top – perhaps the Sue Waters version of OLDaily.

    I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: most educators simply don’t have the time to read hundreds of blogs – even if they chose to use RSS. What we need – if not an educational focussed Digg – is someone competent enough to bring us the best on a regular basis. Now don’t get me wrong: Stephen does a fantastic job with OlDaily! I just think that another effort – perhaps even a community effort – would be a healthy addition.

    Thanks for your hard work, Sue!


  21. I cannot find an email link for support / help. (I know it was there before…. I used it….)

    I am training teachers on my campus and one of them (mlcortez) has lost access to the administrative site of her blog. When she pulls up her page, there is no login link. She has no dashboard.

    You may assist her directly at [email protected].

  22. Sue, it wasn’t all that long ago (well over a year I think!) I had a Skype conversation with Alex Hayes and your good self where you declared that you didn’t really “get blogging”. How things have changed – look at you now!!
    Well done. A fantastic choice.

  23. Sue,

    Unfortunately, I know just enough about technology to sound like I know what I’m talking about without really getting it….

    Yes, I mean widgets in the sidebar and I’m talking about embeds for just about everything. For example (this is true confessions here) I’d love to use Kwout to put an image of my webpage on my sidebar, but I don’t know how to do sizing. I’d also like to put a Clustr map that shows where my blog’s visitors come from.

    I want to explore how to use widgets, but am afraid I’ll lose everything I’ve got on my sidebar now if I mess-up.

    I suspect I’m not the only one out there who doesn’t understand this stuff….

    Thanks in advance for all the great stuff I know you’ll be posting about!


  24. I think this can become a great resource for teachers wondering how to enter into the conversation and the blogging world (which, of course, leads to other Web 2.0 worlds).
    I have you in my RSS!


  25. Sensational Sue! Well done, and I do look forward to reading your posts on Edublogger.

    I know that the energies that you apply to harnessing the power of the medium to engage both teachers and learners will also be evident here in Edublogger.

    You have an innate ability to bring out the best in educators Sue. You inspire, share and teach by example.

    Best wishes, John

  26. Thanks James for giving me the opportunity to be involved with the Edublogger! I have already been congratulated on great name and URL choice (you choose well!).

    Larry – thanks for your great words of support although I would hate to get between you and Alice :), mind you the cookies sound nice! Are we talking widgets in the side menus? Are there any in particular that you are really interested in? And can you tell me which embeds you need help with? As a subscriber to your blog I’m not convinced that you are an “technological idiot” but smart move as it sounds like cookies are coming your way!

    Hi Mrs Cloukey — good question that I think is worth checking out in more detail. In the meantime Mrs Olson has provided you a link to her blog so you can see how she is doing it.

    Hi Cathy – glad that my involvement with the Edublogger helps! Agreed the Edublog platform is excellent. How are your eyes?

    Hi James – will investigate your question further, regarding student accounts, and get back to you.

    Mrs Olsen (Kate)–Thanks for the congrads and off course I will continue to be yours (and anyone else’s) blog mentor. I believe James has answered your question?

    Hi Kathryn – thanks for the congratulations. Getting other people to buy into using technology is something that we all struggle with. Last year I was actually funded to research this area so more than happy to share what I learnt plus all the posts I have been reading on this area recently. Although feeling humbled by the thought of you asking me to write a series of posts on setting up a blog from scratch — as you are the more experienced blogger.

    Hi Alex — you will be pleased to know that I am away from the hum drum of System 32 because am working on a Mac at the moment. Thanks for the congratulations regarding the Edublogger. mmm will think about the Twitter widget 🙂

    Hi Dave – thanks for providing me the feedback on your interests. I would also like to thank you for wishing me luck and for writing a nice post about the launch of The Edublogger.

  27. Sue,
    I am looking forward to following your new blog. I have so many different interests related to blogging, technology, and education. Top on my list are the following: Helping teachers use the Web 2.0 in interesting, engaging, and educationally sound ways. Also, I am looking for easier, more efficient ways to embed video and audio into my blog. Finally, I am always looking to expand my personal learning network and tapping into the brains of all the smart people out there in the edublogosphere.
    Good luck!

  28. Congratulations Sue. My interest in the “how to” side is less techie and more to do with getting acceptance of new tools and new directions – loosening up structures and over-zealous security to take full advantage of these new tools. I’d love to see some material here about tips and tricks people use for this.

    I’d love to see a series on “setting up your blog from scratch”. The process of design, making decisions about content – as well as the “this is how your tweak the right widget for you” techie tips.

  29. Glad you’re doing this, Sue! I hope you’ll continue to be my personal blog mentor as well 🙂 Your wisdom needs to be shared with the masses!

    mrscloukey – I actually do assess my students’ responses, and I do it just as I would any other writing assignment. You can check out my classroom blog at (we’re still pretty new!). I haven’t done a lot of assessment on spelling, etc. yet, but that’s where I’m heading. Good luck!

    James – the student should have the choice to check “just a username, please” when setting up an account, rather than “gimme a blog” – unless things have changed drastically in the last few days?

  30. Sue, my personal blog is with Edublogs and in my previous classroom I had set up a blog with WordPressMU that I had downloaded and set up on the school ISP, but I have limited access now. With WordPressMU I was the admin and could set up student accounts, which was important because I am a special ed teacher and the privacy issues for sped are tight. I want to blog with high school sped students, but now I don’t have access to WordPressMU. Using Edublogs can I set up a user account for each student without them actually having their own blog? What I have done so far is create a classroom blog and invited students using my gmail account, ie. [email protected] But then the student is asked to set up a bolg. Maybe once parents and the admin feel more comfortable each student can have their own blob, but right now I just want them to be able to have an account so they can post and comment on the classroom blog.

  31. Sue! Small world! It is good t have a “known” friend over here as i contemplate my own domain. James has 99% convinced me to stay w/ Edublogs as what I want is on the horizon, so I’m still here. I must admit though that I do like the edublog platform. Subscribing today folks!!

  32. I’d like to know if anyone has assessed student responses in their blog. I have a feeling my district will be asking me this question… wanted to see if anyone out there is already assessing and how. There is such a push with state testing that somehow my blog is now part of the prep?!? Scary… I don’t like it, but if anyone can offer help in this area, I would appreciate it.

  33. Sue and James,

    This is a great idea!

    Sue does such a great job in explaining how to use Web 2.0 applications on her blog, with clear directions and diagrams, it would be great if she could do the same for working with Edublogs.

    I’d love explanations on how to embed stuff, how to really use widgets — all the stuff that “old hands” know like the palm of their hands, but which technological idiots like myself don’t have a real clue on how to do.

    I’m also sure Alice Mercer would appreciate me learning this stuff so I could stop bugging her!

    Larry Ferlazzo

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