Digital Curation Survey: how educators curate content

Digital curation is the process of shifting through the vast abundance of content on the Internet to select the best, most relevant resource, on a specific topic or theme,  so that we can organise, manage and collate the content for ourselves and share with others.

Using tools like, Pinterest, Diigo and Livebinders educators collect the best resources to put them into context with organisation, annotation and presentation.

How educators curate, and the tools they use is, changing and evolving.  We’ve decided the best way to find out how educators curate content is to survey educators.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Please complete our curation survey
  2. Please share a link to our survey with your network.  The more responses we receive, the better the data we can collate and share!
  3. Share links to any recent articles you’ve written on this topic by leaving a comment so we can include when we present the survey results.

Thanks for helping out and we’ll be sharing the data we collect in a follow up post.

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