Challenging Situations – #EdublogsClub Prompt 6

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Challenges come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, the biggest challenge of the day is getting out of bed with a positive attitude. Sometimes, the daily challenge is going to be having to work with a difficult student. Sometimes, the challenge lies in teaching a topic or skill or unit that you really don’t enjoy. Learning strategies to address these challenges is the way in which we overcome them.

The road to success is always under construction - motivational text on a slate blackboard with chalk and cup of tea

Prompt: Write a post about challenging situations.

Here are some ideas or topics you may wish to include:

  • Share your biggest teaching challenge and explain how you overcame it
  • Write a motivational “how-to” for overcoming a common challenging situation.
  • Do a review on a book or website that has helped you overcome a challenging situation. What was the challenge? How did the book/website help you?
  • Discuss any thoughts or experiences you have about challenges in education.
  • Talk about a time when a student was facing a challenge and you provided strategies to help the student. What were they? How did they help?

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42 thoughts on “Challenging Situations – #EdublogsClub Prompt 6

    1. WoW, I am so impressed with your organization and time management! Sounds like your school year and calendar year are both going very well.

      1. 23 weeks nearly done and still intact. I love my students still, so that’s a sign it’s going well. Thanks for your kind words.

    1. It’s brave to deal with such issues in public. Good post. I’ve always felt the problem with “school choice” is that it’s the schools that get to make the choice!

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