Can You Help Us With The Student Blogging Challenge?

This post was written by Sue Wyatt for the Student Blogging Challenge.

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Well, we are now into Week 4 of the March 2010 Student Blogging Challenge.

Students have been creating their blogs and making it their own by adding widgets and avatars; they have written about their country, state or town and many have visited other class or student blogs.

Many have written about why you should visit their blog and should they use a real photo as opposed to an avatar when they are on the net.

Every time the challenge is on, I try to visit each individual student blog at least 3 times over the period of the challenge.

It’s becoming harder each time we run the Challenge to visit all the student blogs — due to the numbers of students participating!

So I am putting out an URGENT HELP ME PLEASE!

The Problem

We now have about 700 individual student blogs in the following age ranges participating in the challenge:

  • Age 8-10: about 60 blogs
  • Age 11: about 110 blogs
  • Age 12: about 130 blogs
  • Age 13: about 110 blogs
  • Age 14: about 110 blogs
  • Age 15: about 50 blogs
  • Age 16: about 50 blogs
  • Age 17+: about 70 blogs

And this isn’t counting the 60 class blogs participating!

With more and more students taking part with their own blogs, it’s becoming harder for me to visit each of their blogs as often.

But comments on their blogs, especially from others outside their class, are very important for motivating and providing guidance.

How You Can Help

By the end of mid April, I would like each of these blogs to receive at least one, preferably two, comments from:

  1. Teachers, pre-service teachersΒ  or people in the education sector
  2. Students who have blogging at least a year and who have participated in at least one student blogging challenge

So we are looking for volunteers who are willing to leave least one, preferably two, comments on student blogs such as:

  1. A few clues about how to set up their blogs would be great for the newer students who have only had their blogs less than a week or so .
  2. Alternatively choose a post they have written or look at their about page to leave a comment for them.

Preferably we would love it if you would write comments where they need to reply to keep the conversation going on their blog.

Here’s example of the types of comments we are looking for:

  1. Mrs Yollis’s comment on Abbey’s The Wonderful State of Indiana
  2. Great examples of conversation between student and teachers on:

What we would like to do is allocate about 20-30 student blogs to each volunteer.

Benefit of Being a Challenge Helper

This is excellent for teachers and preservice teachers (student teachers) who are:

  • Wanting to increase their understanding of how blogs can be used with students.
  • Unable to participate with their students in our current Challenge but who want to learn more about the Student Blogging Challenge.

Edublogs Pro subscriptionAnd off course, we appreciate how busy everyone is so we’ve decided to give away twenty free Edublogs Pro 12 month subscriptions (formerly known as Edublogs Supporters) to our twenty best helpers!

You can use these free Edublogs Pro 12 month subscriptions on your own blog or give away to a reader.

To Volunteer As a Challenge Helper

Please leave a comment on this post if you would like to volunteer your services.

Can you please include the following information in your comment:

  1. Your name and a bit about your teaching background
  2. Your blog URL or website (if you have one)
  3. What student age you would like to leave comments for.

Once you have done this we will leave a comment on the post telling you which student on our March 2010 Student Blog list page we would like you to start with and where on the list we would like you to work down to.

Make sure that you tick the notify me of followup comments via email before you submit your comments — so you receive our replies 😎

Subscribing to comments

Please note:

  • We recommend that you work directly from March 2010 Student Blog list to visit your student blogs
  • Our March 2010 Student Blog list is updated everyday and sorted by age, so new students are added at the end of each age list automatically.
  • If you find a link doesn’t go to a blog, could you please copy the line in the student list and email it to Sue Wyatt at tasteach56[at]gmail[dot]com, — so we can fix it
  • If you have any questi0ns contact Sue Wyatt by email at tasteach56[at]gmail[dot]com

If you are enjoying reading this blog, please consider feed-icon32x32 Finding and Adding Creative Commons Images To Your  Blog PostsSubscribing For Free!

129 thoughts on “Can You Help Us With The Student Blogging Challenge?

  1. Hi Sue and Sue

    I look after our primary school Library blog and would be happy to help out if you have any primary school class bloggers left. It would be a great opportunity to share blogs from the challenge with our students and teachers who I hope will be blogging in the near future! I could manage about 20 blogs to comment on.

    Kim πŸ™‚

    1. Kim,
      I haven’t allocated any class blogs to be covered as each class is supposed to be conversing with the classes on either side of its name. Feel free to leave comments on any of the class blogs that fit into the primary school and use them with your teachers as examples. Maybe they could join the challenge in September when we start all this again.

      I have now covered all the blogs of students in the primary grades, so if you want to comment on student blogs, take your choice of any students at all. The more comments they receive, the better they feel.

    1. @Myles Webb, New Zealand.,
      Thanks for the offer Myles. I will allocate some 13 year olds to you starting with DustinM from USA down to Claudia S from USA who loves pickles. Hope this is OK?

  2. Hello Sue,
    I teach Gr 1/2 in Australia and would prefer to look at this age group. I am fairly new to teaching after carving out a very successful public service career in management. Please allocate about 20 blogs.

        1. Gill, with your management skills, I felt the list of 17 year olds would probably appreciate your thoughts. I think there are about 21 blogs for this age group. Could you also leave a small bio at the student blogging challenge blog as mentioned above in a previous comment?

  3. Sue,
    I’d love to be a helper, since we can’t participate in the blogging challenge!
    Right now my kids are finishing tests and they will be gone for Easter holidays in a week.
    Meanwhile, they have been following the challenge with interest when I manage to show them something during “class time”. That’s why I would like to help to comment on the 11 years’ blogs.
    Thank you, Ines

    1. Ines,
      Thanks for offering. Any chance of commenting on some very new bloggers who are aged 12 and only got their blogs a couple of weeks ago? I have already covered the students aged 6-11.

      Otherwise, feel free to leave comments on class blogs that are the ages you cover in your class, Ines.

      1. @Miss W Thank you so much, Sue! Of course I can take the 12 years old young bloggers.
        My own students will also be 12 in a short time. They will appreciate their fellow bloggers’ posts.
        Personally I could take older students if you need me to.
        I’ll wait for further instructions now.

        1. @inpi,
          OK your 12 year olds are at the end of the list starting with Phillip USA and finishing with GregM from Canada. This is 24 bloggers many only just starting out a week or so ago.

          1. @Miss W., Thank you, Sue! I’ll be happy to take care of my new young fellow bloggers!
            And I wish you a very happy blogging to you all.

  4. Hello Ms. Waters and Miss W!

    I would love to help with the blogging challenge; could I help with some younger class blogs? Since I am only 13 it would most likely be more beneficial if I commented on younger students’ blogs. And since all students from 8-11 have been graciously taken care of, perhaps class blogs might work?

    Thanks for this opportunity!


    1. @Abbey,
      Would you be prepared to comment on some newer bloggers who are 12 years old and only just starting their journey in the last couple of weeks?

      Included in the list is also Lauren who has been in the challenges before and is helping out as well.

        1. @Abbey,
          OK I have allocated some 12 year olds to you starting with DaddysAngel from USA down to Marlenne M from USA. This is 25 bloggers who are fairly new at it.

    2. @Abbey, Hey Abbey! I am excited to get to comment on other people’s blogs and share their experience with the world. Keep being awesome!
      ~laurenc604 πŸ™‚

  5. Sue,

    I was a challenge helper last Fall and it was a great experience. I would love to do it again. I am a high school teacher/librarian and I would be happy to work with the older students (16 – 17+).

    I learned so much from reading and commenting on student and classroom blogs – the experience really helped me when I was setting up my own classroom blog.

    If you need me to do a few classroom blogs as well, let me know.



    1. @Milena.
      Thanks for helping last time and again this term. I will allocate some 16 year olds for you from the beginning of their list ChelseaS USA down to Clare C from Canada. I hope this is OK with you?

      1. @Miss W.,

        I’ll take care of this group – looking forward to working with them πŸ™‚



  6. Hi ladies. My name is Kym Daglish and I am a grdae 5/6 teacher from Victoria. I am new to blogging this year but am loving it – as are my students! So, thank you, the challenge has given us so much confidence! I am more than willing to give ahand commenting – preferably aged 10-13 if I could.
    Thanks again,
    Kym πŸ™‚

    1. G’day Kym,
      Thanks for offering to help. I will allocate some 13 year olds to you from Brenda USA down to Jordan N from USA. Hope this is OK, about 30 blogs?

    1. G’day Kevin,
      Thanks for offering to help. I am sure many of the students will be interested in your comics as well. I have allocated you some 12 year olds from Daredevil 17 from Hong Kong down to Lost with 300 spartans from USA. I hope this is OK with you? Remember to visit the challenge blog to leave a little bio of yourself that your students can read.

  7. Hi Sue. I’m happy to be helping out. My class of 11 – 13 year olds love using our class blog, and are very excited when they progress to having their own. If possible I’d prefer a similar age group, but if that isn’t convenient I’m happy to go where it suits.

    1. Hi Pam,
      Thanks for offering to help. I have allocated to you 12 year olds from AlysaT USA down to Megan M Canada (just above the daredevil from Hong Kong).
      This is about 30 blogs, hope that is OK?

  8. Hi Sue,

    You can count me in. I am a primary school teacher of 37 years experience working in a mixed school in Dublin, Ireland. I have been appointed an eTwinning Ambassador for Ireland and my areas of expertise includes, digital imaging, podcasting and blogging.

    I have already visited 40+ participating blogs to date (across the student age spectrum). I would be happy to comment on the 8 – 13 age groups or whatever you deem requires attention.

    Keep up the good work,

    Joe Molloy
    (podmaster – the children’s choice of username in 2004, not mine! I am stuck with it now.)

    1. @Joe Molloy,
      Thanks for offering to help. I have allocated your the beginning of the 12 year olds from anthonyk from USA down to Flori S from USA. Could you also leave a short bio at the student blogging challenge blog?

  9. Hi guys

    Wow! What an amazing effort! 700 blogs this year! Congratulations!

    I would love to be a part of this challenge. I could do about 20 comments over the next few weeks – and I don’t mind which age level.

    I also have a class of 76 teacher trainees who are doing a paper on ICT and Information Literacy. I’m going to sound them out and find who is interested then I will come back to you with the number that we will do as a group. Would that be easiest for you rather than having heaps of my students apply individually?


    1. What i do not understood is alactuly how you are not alactuly much more well-liked than you may be right now. You are so intelligent. You realize thus significantly on the subject of this matter, made me for my part believe it from numerous varied angles. Its like women and men aren’t interested except it is something to do with Woman gaga! Your own stuffs great. Always handle it up!

  10. Hi Sue and Sue I’ d love to join in, the main thing is my computer is on the blink so I’ m looking at options this week. I’ d like to contribute blog comments as I can and so long as I’ m able to. Sometimes I can get in here sometimes not! But soon as I can I’ ll have a newer system…
    sincerely Ruth

    any age ok? Currently relief teaching middle/high school occasionally younger.

    1. @Ruth Howard,
      Great to hear from you again Ruth. I will give you the list starting with the 14 year olds from ShyanneM from USA down to KylerV from USA. Hope this is OK with you?

  11. Hi, would like to volunteer to respond via comments for ages 13 and 14.

    I currently teach in a computer lab for a middle school in the US. I have been actively blogging since last summer. This is my 38th year of teaching and I think students blogging rocks!

  12. Hi Sue,
    I would like to help with the 8-10 yr old bloggers. I currently teach grade 2 but next year am taking on an ESL teaching position which means I will teach different grade levels. I am very interested in continuing to use technology to engage students in my role as an ESL teacher and would like to learn more about student blogging.

    Meg Goos

      1. @Meg Goos,
        I have a group of Australian 18-25 year olds who are learning English with their blogs. Perhaps you could help look after them. They are on the list of 18 year olds from Armin to Nay Ta Gay.

  13. Thanks to those teachers who have already offered. We have the blogs for students aged 8-10 and age 11 covered now. Could you please choose from the other age groups from now on?

  14. Thanks everyone so far who has agreed to help.

    When Sue Wyatt allocates students you need to go here , look for the age group and then start from the name she mentions and work done the list to the last name — hope that make sense?

    Can you also make sure when you leave a comment on your student blogs that you explain you are a Student Challenger helper, give a bit of your background and maybe explain why you are helping — Sue Wyatt I’m sure will explain what I’ve just said better (we hope) — Sue can you translate Sue Speak into your Sue Speak so people understand 😎

    1. @Sue Waters,
      I will write a post on the student challenge blog explaining about the helpers. If each helper could visit there and in the comments tell us a bit about yourself, so the students can visit and find out more about you if they wish.

    2. @Sue Waters,
      I can’t find my group. When I go to the page- all I see is sheet one. I need some hand holding…Thanks
      Nancy G
      baby step blogger

      1. @goodhue,
        If you can see the list of names then click on the page and use the scroll wheel on your mouse. Otherwise the bar down the righthand side of the post should allow you to go right down the page to your students.

    1. @Mrs. Yollis,
      Thanks Mrs Yollis. I will put you in for the 11 year olds starting with Myah R from Canada to softballvr in USA. This is just over 30 blogs at the end of the 11 year olds, if that is OK by you.

  15. I would love to help let me know what to do!
    I teach 10,11,12 year olds so could help in this area, but am willing to help out in the older sections if you need.

    I have been blogging with my Year 5 and 6 classes since 2006 and am amazed at the rich and authentic learning that arises from blogging.

    I would be thrilled to be able to help out with the Blogging Challenge.


    1. @Kim Pericles,
      Thanks for offering. Could you cover the 11 year olds starting with EricaL from USA down to IsabelS in Australia. This is 30 blogs if OK by you.

          1. @Kim Pericles,
            Hi Kim, you will be visiting many of my student’s blogs and I want to thank you in advance and ask if you might be able to take on one more of my bloggers. She is on my list, but I would like her to receive comments from someone other than me.
            Her name is Nathaly and her address is . . .

            Thank you!
            John Miller

  16. Count me in Sue. Great idea as no student’s blog should go without comments. I’ve seen the effects that positive comments from other students and adults can have on children. I also see the other side as students run to check their blogs in the morning only to find comments from their teacher. Thanks for the opportunity to do more and I will do my best to put out a call for help.

    1. @Mr. Miller,
      Thanks for offering. I might start you with the 11 year old RobbieV from Australia down to Daredevil 10 from Hong Kong. Just over 30 blogs if that is OK with you?

  17. Kia ora! i must confess I have been watching you two in absolute awe wondering how you achieved this amazing project. I am a teacher – absolutely passionate about the integration of web 2 into existing quality pedagogy so as to enhance children’s learning.

    I would like to help out and comment on the 8-10 age group if possible – I see this as fantastic PD. Also very timely as I was going to be looking into whether we could afford an upgrade on edublogs next week.

    The down side – I am at camp this week and away from the internet so will not be able to begin until next weekend. I have already commented on blogs as part of this challenge and used it as a shared writing/modelling experience in the classroom.

    :-)Scoopers are hooked and will be adding individual blogs to your next challenge!

    1. @declairing,
      Thanks for offering. Could you cope with 34 ten year olds from Brooke in Australia to Eric C in Hong Kong? He is the last of the ten year olds on my list at present.

      1. @Miss W., Absolutely! Mid April will be easy to do – was worried that camp was in the way but can handle mid April easily! Love this challenge and happy to support!


  18. Lauren
    I’m Lauren and I am a student. You are probably familiar with my blogging journey. I started in fall 2008 and have participated in challenges and have really grown through the past year and a half. I want to have the opportunity to help other kids reach the point that I have reached in the blogging journey. This will give me that chance.
    Anywhere between 11-13 years old (I can do other age groups if I’m needed there, though)

      1. @laurenc604, definitely Lauren.

        I’ve discussed it with Sue Wyatt and we’ve both agreed it an excellent idea (obviously provided it isn’t too much for you with all your school work).

        So I’ve edited the post to include students as helper provided they have been blogging at least a year and have been involved in a previous challenge.

        And our apologies for not considering students like yourself because we learn so much from you so it would be great to see you helping other students.

        1. @Sue Waters, Thanks! I really just wanted a chance to get to help. This will not be a problem with my schoolwork. We are getting into the Spring Break area currently, so things are beginning to settle down. I really am looking forward to helping this year. Thanks!
          ~Laurenc604 πŸ™‚

      2. @laurenc604,
        Lauren, thanks for offering. Could you cover the 11 year olds starting with Javier C through 21 or so blogs to Mark from Canada?

        1. @Miss W., What should I do if this person hasn’t posted any of their responses to the challenges? I can still leave a comment, but I don’t want to be pushy and make them do it. Thanks.

          1. @laurenc604,
            Maybe just a comment like, “I notice you registered for the student blogging challenge. There have already been 4 activities. I am also in the challenge, so feel free to check out my blog.” Maybe leave the address of the blogging challenge site as well.

  19. Sue and the Edublogs Team,
    Thanks so much for giving away 20 subscriptions to those helpers who do such a great job here on the student blogging challenge. With each year, the commenting load gets larger and, as you added to the post Sue, it is a great way for new teachers or aging teachers like me to get into blogging.

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