Blogging Connections Turn Into Epic Trip Around the World

If you don’t know of her already, you really should meet Sue Wyatt.

She is a true pioneer in educational blogging and building global connections.

Sue, maybe better recognized by her display name of Miss W or @tasteach on twitter, is well known by thousands of students and educators from around the globe that participate in her twice yearly Student Blogging Challenges.

She works ridiculously hard organizing tasks, managing helpers, and reading and leaving comments on student blogs. She does this all as a volunteer, because she loves helping students and teachers from all over.

Right now, Sue isn’t at all enjoying the comforts of home which is in Tasmania, Australia. She is in the middle of a whirlwind trip around North America that most can only dream of!

But instead of relaxing and going quietly on her great trip alone, there are two unique things about this trip:

  1. Sue will be visiting tons of classrooms, bloggers, and chat friends she’s gotten to know over the years
  2. She brought along a Tasmanian friend, Mr. ‘Davo’ Devil as a mascot and travelling companion

You can follow the entire journey on Mr. Davo’s blog – complete with tons of updates and photos!

This is a true case where connections made virtually are turning into amazing experiences for all involved.

About the trip

  • Left Australia in mid-September and will continue into November
  • Covering more than 6,000 miles (~10,000 kms)
  • All in a rental car – driving on the wrong (ie. right) side of the road that Miss W. isn’t used to!

See the full interactive map of the journey here.

We asked Sue a few questions about her trip, which is currently a couple of weeks in progress.

Why this trip?

I love travelling and wanted to visit some of my blogging and chat room friends and as they lived in Los Angeles, Comox Valley, Ohio and Connecticut it meant a very long trip. I was inspired to use Davo because he could be in the pictures and the post could be written as if it were him doing the talking.

Where are you staying?

I take it day by day but have a rough route worked out and at about 4pm every day find the closest town with a good motel to stay the night. I will be staying with some chat room friends though who I have already met on a previous trip.

How is it visiting other schools?

So far have visited four classrooms and have plans to visit at least 7 more. Teachers looked at my rough map and said, “You are coming near us – can you visit our class?” If it wasn’t too far off the route, I diverted slightly to visit them.

What else are you getting to see?

The cool things are visiting the classrooms and meeting the teachers and students, blogging about the trip, going to places I have never been before on previous trips and re-visiting Grand Canyon to see the glass walkway. I’ve always wanted to see Banff and Calgary, look at whaling on the east coast of USA, Mount Rushmore, and visit Kansas and Oklahoma to see how “country”  they are.

How do people find your accent?

Some people have noticed the accent but they often ask questions about language usage like lift/elevator, trunk/boot and so on. The students want to know more about the animals of Australia.

Getting students involved

There is a place on Mr. Davo Devil’s blog to leave questions about Australia, the US, and Canada – Mr. Davo will get around to answering any questions that are left.

Students are already asking things such as types of fruit, kinds of animals, and customs of each country.

Or even cooler is this fantastic question left on the Kids in the Mid blog of Miss W’s home town:

What do you think about Sue’s trip? 

I, for one, sure am jealous!

11 thoughts on “Blogging Connections Turn Into Epic Trip Around the World

  1. I agree with Bill.. you’ve got to check out Louisville, KY… The KY Derby is one of the country’s premier events. Louisville is a great “big little city”

  2. Its just amazing that you get to travel and meet others around the world. Pretty excellent post! I just stumbled upon your blog page and desired to say that I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog page posts.

  3. It was an absolute treat to meet Miss Wyatt and Mr. Davo and have them visit our classroom!

    We learned a lot of new information about Tasmanian Devils and later tried out some Vegemite!

    I hope your trip continues to be everything you hoped it would be!
    Mrs. Hembree and the Bulldog Readers

  4. What a wonderful trip!
    I just hope I can get back to my online activity and have my new young students on our class blog, so that, some day, Miss W. will come to Portugal!

  5. It’s amazing that you get to travel and meet others around the world. We are enjoying blogging and learning with out friends around the world. My new students as of August 25 are enjoying it as much as my group did last year. We live in Monroe, NC, USA and are in second grade. There are 19 of us and our teacher Mrs. Todd. We blog with schools in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom and states within the USA. I see your travels are not bringing you to North Carolina. Check out our blog site sometime or visit North Carolina to learn more about us.

  6. Last night at dinner, my children asked me where Miss W was at, and they wanted to know if she had a new post on Travelling with Mr Davo Devil yet. I don’t know which one of us is more excited to meet her… & Davo, of course.

    I still can’t get over how far she’s traveling without a GPS! (I happen to have three).

    Kind regards,

  7. How can you miss Derbytown, USA? Better known as Louisville, Ky.

    And if you get the chance, call into Atherton High School.

    Cheers, Bill Oldham

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