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Can you spare five minutes? We need your help!

Every year we conduct a survey on how educators are using blogs. Our goal is to document the trends in educational blogging.

We released the 2017 survey at the end of last year but we need more responses to be able to offer a truly accurate picture. If you haven’t had time to complete our survey yet, we’d love you to. (If you have taken the survey, thank you! No need to do it again).

We started the annual survey because we’re frequently asked for detailed information to help educators:

  1. Convince school administrators to allow blogging.
  2. Understand the benefits of blogging and how blogs are used with students.
  3. Know more about which blogging platforms are commonly used by educators (and why).

Can you help us?

We’re looking for replies no matter what blogging platform you may be using.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Please complete our survey.
  2. Share a link to our survey with your social networks. The more responses we receive, the better the data we can deliver!
  3. Share links to any recent articles you’ve written on this topic by leaving a comment on this post. If you have written anything about how you use blogs or how you chose your platform, we’d love to hear from you. We will link to your information when we present the survey results.

We’ll be sharing the data we collect in a follow-up post in the coming months.

Please remember to share with a fellow blogger if you can. Thanks for helping out!

Can you spare 5 minutes by filling out the blogs in education survey? Edublogs



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  1. Plz add a feature that we can add videos

    • muhammadjahmed
  2. This is amazing!

  3. Individual blogs have been the major hurdle I have encountered. I use a class type blog to begin with prompts for the students to respond or continue the story. Then they are allowed to name and create their own sites and posts (with supervision). So they will be using digital manners in creating their comments. Should be a real learning experience for all of us.

    • This sounds like a good approach to follow! 🙂

      • Kathleen Morris
  4. This is so cool.

  5. This has been great for my adult ESL students. They feel good about themselves and are learning more than reading and writing. They are also learning more about the digital world.

    • Fantastic! Thank you for letting us know. We had had a few bloggers mention that blogging works well in their ESL classroom. 🙂

      • Kathleen Morris
  6. I love Edublogs

    • Oneli Thambawita
  7. Blogging is a great way to communicate with a local and global community.

    • Thanks for helping us out, Rob!

      • Kathleen Morris
    • Agreed

      • reduceschoolshootings