Be A Helper To Gain Valuable Experience!

Are you looking for a learning opportunity for yourself and/or your students?

Become a Student blogging challenge helper!

The Student Blogging Challenge needs teams of helpers who are willing to comment on class and student blogs for the duration of the Challenge (finishes end of November).

We would like to do is allocate 5 class blogs and 10 student blogs to each willing helper.

The more helpers the better!

Currently we already have 253 individual student blogs and 65 class blogs participating from twelve countries (USA, Austalia, New Zealand, Argentina, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, Hong Kong, Canada, Scotland, Thailand, Venezuela).  You can check out the Challenge participant list here!

Benefits for you!

This is an ideal chance for teachers and preservice teachers (student teachers) to:

  1. Increase their understanding of how blogs can be used with students
  2. Observe the impact blogging can have on student learning
  3. Investigate the different approaches to class and student blogging

It’s also perfect for students and classes that aren’t in the position to be a Challenge participant but would like to be involved in a less formal manner.

A key benefit is commenting is an important part of blogging.  It’s often where most learnng happens.  Unfortunately most people find commenting more challenging than writing posts.

Being a helper will increase your commenting skills while giving you (or your students) opportunities to practice.

How to become a Help!

Can you help?

Just write a comment on this post to tell us you want to be a Challenger Helper and we will contact you with more information.

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49 thoughts on “Be A Helper To Gain Valuable Experience!

  1. Hi Sue,
    I intend to begin a classroom blog or web 2 project in 2010. Will you still run a classroom blogging challenge? can you give me any advice?

    1. @jjfreo, Yes the student blogging challenge is starting again in February – Sue Wyatt runs the challenge and will be able to give you an indication of the date.

      Always happy to give advice on Web 2.0 and blogging any time 🙂

    1. @rdaugherty73, Definitely not too late. Just drop past Miss Wyatt’s blog and leave the comment on her post and then let me know you’ve done it so I can add you to the list.

  2. Hi, I think this would be a valuable experience for my 5/6class. We have a blog in infant stage and I would love to continue to learn more.
    Ta Mel

  3. @Ms Cahusac and Ann (Mrsc123), definitely not too late to be a helper and the more we can get the better.

    First I need you to add your details to this post – and let me know when you have done that. Then I will add your details here –

    @Ann — sure it would be excellent for your students to help you with the commenting on the blogs.

  4. Hi organizers,

    I’d love to be a Blogging Challenge Helper, if it’s not too late 🙂
    My class blog is entered already and there are 14 of my Gr. 5 students entered individually as well. This has been a great element of our intro to blogging in class, we’re really enjoying the challenge!

  5. Hi Everyone, I’ve now written the page about being a Challenge Helper and started giving people their class and student blogs to look after.

    Can you please check here –

    Also I need you to add your blurb here before I can add your name against a student list.

    Can you please visit Sue Wyatt’s blog and do this if you haven’t?

  6. Ms. Waters,
    I would love to assist you in the challenge. I look forward to making comments to help out because I know that it is a great responsibility to complete this challenge.

  7. Hi Sue

    Don’t know if you need any more helpers but I’m willing to help if you do. My class has a blog and I have several students registered in the challenge too – although some only registered this week as Googledocs was blocked at school!

    1. @Pam Thompson, I’m after as many helpers as I can get as that will make the workload easier for everyone. If you could go to Sue Wyatt’s post and add your blurb that would be excellent.

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