Announcing The Winners Of The “Share your tips–and win BIG!” Competition!

It’s time to announce the winners of “Share your tips–and win BIG!” and a big thanks to everyone who entered.

Here’s the winners with a brief summary of why they won:

Gail Desler has extensive experience in both student blogging and supporting others educators in the use of blogs with their students.  She submitted three posts for the competition that all are ‘must read’ posts packed full of advice on blogging with students which is why I’ve decided all three posts are winning posts:

  1. Five Tips for Teachers New to Blogging
  2. Five Tips for Helping Students Become Better Bloggers
  3. Five Borrowed Tips for Helping Students Become Better Bloggers

Lauren and Abbey are two truly amazing student bloggers who consistently astound me with the posts they write.  Joining them with an incredible post is Dominique, another student blogger.

The posts they submitted are so ‘must read’ that it would be an honor if they guest posted their posts here on The Edublogger

Considering their ages and the fact I’ve never approached anyone ever to guest post on The Edublogger gives you an indication of how incredible the posts by these student bloggers are:

  1. Starting Out Blogging (Abbey’s post)
  2. Edublogs Advice (Lauren’s post)
  3. Le blogging défi de Sue Waters…. (Dominique’s post)

Carla Arena is a Brazilian EFL teacher who supports other educators learning how to blog through programs like “Blogging For Educators“.  Her Blogging with Students in 5 Tips post highlights the importance of connecting your student bloggers to a global multicultural audience.

Dave Mendall’s 5 Important Tips for Blogging with Students post provides  a timely reminder of need to keep it simple, remain focused, lower your expectations, embrace the unexpected and don’t give up!

Danielle Maley wrote a clever poem explaining early childhood educators can use blogs with their students while providing student blogging tips.  And Mrs Harvey shows us how she explains to her different classes what they can post on their blogs.

While Sheri Edwards and Peter Vogel both shared the challenges, and what worked, with student blogging:

  1. Blogging in Writing Class post (Sheri’s post)
  2. Blogging in ICT Class (Peter’s post)

Gregory Stringer has helped us by providing a few of his “secrets” for blogging and joining social networking sites.

Sarah Korlaki and Karen Barnstable challenge us by asking their ‘5 most important questions they would like to answered by experienced bloggers.’  I love these types of questions (and the answers) because they give you lots of post ideas.

Check out their posts and share your thoughts:

  1. What I really want to know about blogging (Sarah’s post)
  2. Five Questions I would like to ask Experienced Bloggers (Karen’s post)

And most importantly Jess tells us why as a student she loves blogging!

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Congratulations to all winners!

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20 thoughts on “Announcing The Winners Of The “Share your tips–and win BIG!” Competition!

  1. Hey again!
    I am new to this whole supporter thing i don’t know how to get things which my teacher told me about could you give me a heads up on how to use all this?

  2. Hello, Um my email for school isnt working at the moment so i emailed you from my other email account hope thats okay. I enclosed a link to my blog and my name so i hope you know its me. Thank you for the oppitunity for this.

  3. Wow, thanks so much Sue! Very flattering. I have been struggling with finding time lately (this last 2 weeks) to write more posts, but have been reading so many since reading about this competition. I’ve also been pushing blogging at my school with other staff, who are unfortunately still quite reluctant as they don’t know how they could use it (not enough advocates to show them!).

    1. @skorlaki1983, glad you are pleased — and well done!

      Time can be a real challenge with writing posts. You will find it is a gradual process of encouraging others to get involved. Hopefully if they see what you are doing with your students it helps encourage them.

  4. @Carla Really glad I made your night and congratulations for your hard work. Glad to hear that your friends told you the news.

    @Sheri Pleased to hear that you gained so much by participating in the competition and congratulations also for the win.

    @Gregory I saw that you were having trouble adding the badge so helped you out. Hope that was okay? Well done for all your hard work.

    @Jonathan and Sue – yes they all share really great tips. Definitely the student blogging challenge helps them connect while increasing their blogging skills.

  5. Congratulations to all those winners! I love reading posts and hints about students blogging. I notice, the four student winners are taking part in the student blogging challenge and Lauren is also running her own “Green challenge” about saving the world.

    Once students get the hang of blogging, their writing certainly opens up to the world.

  6. Thank you for the honor — and this shows how important it is to share the struggles as well as the successes. This is the power of a network that opens up avenues for solving problems. I’ve learned so much from participating in this through the comments and links to blogs about student blogging. I now have a fresh look at how to begin again this year, and a story to share with my students. Thank you, Sue and thank you all! To steal a phrase from Alec Couros ( , I’m improving my “metablognition” 🙂

  7. Dear Sue,

    It’s flattering to see that what we do is recognized as worth sharing with others. Thanks for encouraging us to keep moving forward and helping our colleagues to find their own blogging paths. You made my late night here in Brazil! Thanks.

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