And the winners of ‘The Edublogger’s Share Your Blogging Experience’ are …..

Here’s the news the students have been waiting patiently for!

It’s time to announce the winners of ” The Edublogger’s Share Your Blogging Experience“.  A big thanks to everyone who entered.

And the winners are:

Art ‘n’ Articles (Grade 6 student)

I’m not even going to attempt to summarise Rebecca’s post.  She’s a better writer than I’ll ever be!

Check out how passionately she expresses her feelings for writing.

My Blog! (Grade 9 student)

Dominique explains that blogging is a great way to broaden your view of the World and other cultures.  She has interacted with people from so many countries and cultures since she first started blogging in 2009.

Leawood Middle School Blogs

Mrs R. asked her students to provide feedback on what they think of blogging, how it has helped you learn and have you liked learning this way.

From their 60 comments she created a “MUST READ” post on the Top 10 ways blogging has made a difference in your life at school.

Super 7  Scoopers@St Clair

The Scooper’s explain how their class blog has changed considerably over the year;  from teacher driven tool for modeling shared reading and writing sessions and sharing in learning activities with families to students driven tool where the students decide what is blogged and which web 2 tools they use to publish.

Blogging has changed their classroom practises and outcomes of students’ writing.

Check out the Scooper’s excellent video on what a difference blogging makes!

4/5 S

Sam reports that it’s impressive how many students continue to edit and publish work from home after school.  Many of these students do not submit regular homework, but will work in their own time on our blog.

41 Weeks With 5/6C

5/6 C says that their blogging experience has allowed them to look at literacy in a new more modern way. “What is so rewarding about this new literacy approach is that suddenly our class’s reading and writing activities became more purposeful and authentic!”.

Ms. Bush’s Blogging Bunch

Ms. Bush explains that through blogging her students are able to connect wtih each other from outside the classrom, in their comfort of their own homes, while challenging each other of heavy literacy weights like Toni Morrison and William Shakespeare.

Coleman’s blog (Grade 6 student)

Coleman says that the most important things he learned from blogging aren’t about technology; the most important things are about other cultures, good ethics, and how to connect to other people.

Jessica’s Fantastic Blog

Jessica’s reports that it wasn’t until she had her own blog that she realised how amawing and fun it is to blog.  She says blogging has improved her writing making her feel more confident and sure about what she is writing about.

Shirley’s 6th GradeAlexandra’s post (Grade 6 student)

Alexandra wrote an incredibly detailed post on six tasks she would include if she was in charge of the Student Blogging Challenge.

The Digiridoos (Grade 4 students)

I can’t choose between the Digiridoo students 🙁

And their great approach to what they would include if they were in charge of the Student Blogging Challenge inspired my Befunky, Photopeach, and Sketchfu – it’s what students want to do! post.

So I’ve decided the only fair thing to do is give the Digiridoos five Edublogs Pro subscriptions and their teacher can decide how their used 😎

Thanks Anna, Bree, DanielleEllaEthan, Evan, Finn, Flynn, Grace, Ia, Jack , Jakob, Laura, Millar, Reif, Sumayah, Tyler, Zara!

Your own choice of topic winners

The students really came into their own in their own choice of topic.

This is where many of the students demonstrated:

  1. Their incredible writing skills
  2. Ability to reflect on their thoughts
  3. That blogging really can give student’s a voice where they can share their opinions on socially important issues.

I attempted to summarise their work and failed badly 🙁  — it really didn’t do justice to their amazing work.

Instead I encourage you to check out their winning posts:

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Congratulations to all winners!

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Thanks to everyone who entered!

Choosing the winners was incredibly hard due to so many excellent entries.

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8 thoughts on “And the winners of ‘The Edublogger’s Share Your Blogging Experience’ are …..

  1. Also, I realise that the winners were annouced over by Christmas, but I have been trying to get it on non-stop and I figured that I should probably get off my butt and go ask you about it. Any suggestions?

  2. I am honored to be a winner out of so many great and well-thought out posts on these amazing blogs. Question: How do I get the badge? I have been trying for months and I can’t seem to get it on there.

  3. Thank you for picking the kids from the Digiridoos! We thought the results would have been announced on the Student Blogging Challenge Website so we only just found out.

    We loved taking part in the Student Blogging Challenge and thank yourself and Miss W for organising everything.

    Also a big thanks for mentioning our class blog on your blog posts. I personally have always been a huge fan of the Edublogger as it taught me everything I know about blogging. I spread the word about your Blog where ever I go.

    Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

    Stephen Baker

  4. Thank you for picking me as one of the contest winners! I am sorry, but I don’t understand on how to claim the badge. Also, could I please have your e-mail?

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