Adding A Voki Speaking Avatar To Your Blog Sidebar

voki21Voki speaking avatars are cool and lots of fun to create.

Vokis are used to add a human element to blogs or engage readers.

But they can be a bit pesky to embed in a blog so this post explains how to add a voki to your blog sidebar.

About Vokis

Voki enables you to create an avatar in your own voice using a talking character.

You can customize your Voki to look like you or take on the identity of different characters such as animals, monsters.

Here’s ideas for using Vokis in your classroom (courtesy Helen OtwayClassroom2.0):

  1. Students can create avatars that are similar in looks or personalities and record a message that tells about themselves.
  2. Students can exchange these avatars with e-pals either within their own setting or anywhere in the world.
  3. Students can generate questions to ask their avatar e-pals.
  4. ESL (English as a Second Language) students can use the speaking avatars to practice and listen to their speech. They may use the computerised voice first then record their own voice when they feel more comfortable. Writing, reading and pronunciation are all practised.
  5. Students can create an avatar that resembles a character from a story, add a setting and give it speech. The speech could be from the story or a creative point of view (POV) from the character on an event.

Adding Voki Avatar to Your Blog Sidebar

Voki’s are added to your sidebar using text widgets as follows:

1.  Go to Voki

2.  Set up a Voki account and then create your own Voki.

3.  Once you have published your Voki grab the embed code (accessed by clicking on the Embed icon in the Share option).

Copy embed code

4. Click on the text tab in a text widget in your sidebar.

Click on Text tab


5. Paste the embed code from Voki in the text widget.

Paste the embed code

6.  Click Save and then Close.

7.  You should now see your Voki in your sidebar.


94 thoughts on “Adding A Voki Speaking Avatar To Your Blog Sidebar

  1. @Ruthie Unfortunately if you are using you may not be able to embed Voki as Edublogs provides more freedom for embedding than

    @Dear Darling I see what you mean — mutter — I would say that Voki has removed that option from their drop down menu. I would just try the Standard Web page option. There a quite a few services that don’t have a WordPress option and normally the first choice works.

  2. Hi Sue,
    I’m trying to add my avatar to my sidebar on my wordpress blog, and all I keep getting is the link to “get a Voki now”. I’ve followed the most recent directions, but still no luck. HELP! Thanks.

  3. @Eric, msbuccilli, Mrs Cunningham and adavie glad my instructions helped you with inserting a Voki onto your blog.

    @T. Pintor Sorry I did contact Voki to let them know about comments from Educators regarding their ads and received no response from them. Perhaps you would like to contact them yourself and express your concerns.

    @Fran Sorry unfortunately has different restrictions to Edublogs. Edublogs has now allows users to embed most code whereas still imposes restrictions — so the Javascript code is being stripped when you try to add.

  4. My first comment on edublogs! It’s very early days for me and have just set up a page for possible use when my school begins in August and wanted to share my success – after a bit of trial and error I have finally managed to add my Voki to the side bar. Feeling very pleased with myself – thanks for all the posters and step by step instructions – a huge help.

  5. Sue,
    No luck getting my Voki in my WordPress blog. Could you email me the tutorials/manuals you emailed to another respondent here?


  6. Hi Sue,
    today I added a voki to my blog and I love it and so do the kids in my reading club .Thanks for all the help -)

  7. Thanks for the step by step instructions. I have added my voki to a page in blogger, but I was wondering how to do it in edublogs.

    ???Is there a way to not have the ad on the playbar. I don’t want an ad like that when I put it on my school site. I don’t want to be responsible for inappropriate content. Any ideas?

  8. Thanks so much for your help Sue. Voki is now on my blog! Thanks again. Instructins were very clear and helpful.

  9. Thank you for the very informative, detailed, and practical information. As a novice blogger and often exhausted teacher, it’s difficult to keep current with the many evolutions in educational technology. This avatar, however, seems like a real winner.

    The discussion, by the way, matched the original post in depth and detail. Thanks!

  10. @Ms Buccilli Sorry I have not had a chance to update these instructions for the new WordPress Interface we are using. If you are trying to add a Voki Avatar to your blog — in your dashboard click on Design > Widgets. Scroll down Available Widgets (the left side bar) and click on add on the Text Widget. Then go across to your Current Widgets (right side) and click on edit for the Text Widget you have just added. Now paste your Voki Code then press Change and then Save Changes.

    I suggest you check out the Manuals on the Getting Started With Edublogs page because they provide excellent instructions on using Edublogs.

  11. HI, this is my first time on and this is all very new. I am trying to embed my avatar but can’t even see how you get the text box! Please help?

  12. @lizfal and kjohnson Have you managed to get your Voki working on your blogs?

    @Meredith, Fergie and Clive — I can understand your frustrations. Clive – I don’t have any influence with the people at Voki but did go to their site and send them a link to these comments for them to understand all of your concerns.

  13. Can’t seem to add a new text box since the upgrade. I add it but when I click edit it just disappears…..any ideas?

  14. Sue

    Do you have any influence with the people at Voki? If so, can you please ask them to drop the ads within avatars. They are simply not appropriate for younger children and for us in Asia are culturally irrelevant. I am considering withdrawing my Voki from my blog and shelving some of the curriculum work I had planned around it next year.

    NING are able to provide platforms without Google Ads for younger users, can’t Voki do the same? By the way, do you actually have an e-mail address of anybody at Voki? They seem to be a pretty anonymous company!


  15. I love the idea of using vokis in the different ways you have all suggested. I am a primary teacher and would love to use something like this with my students. Unfortunately some of the sites I would like to use are (technically) restricted to over 13-year-olds. These include voki, and some of the slideshare sites (e.g. Rock You).

    Does anyone know of alternative options that are designed for younger students to enjoy?

  16. I love the idea of using vokis in the different ways you have all suggested. I am a primary teacher and would lobve to use something like this with my students, but some of the sites I would like to use are (technically) restricted to over 13-year-olds. These include voki, and some of the slideshare sites (e.g. Rock You).

    Does anyone know of alternative options that are designed for younger students to enjoy?

  17. The avatars are great but does anyone out there know any way to get rid of the “sing with Juanez”. If I can’t get rid of it and who knows what it may change to next I’ll have to abandon my avatar!

  18. I’m disappointed to see that Voki now has an annoying advertisement on the bottom of the player. I have been using vokis on my k-12 library website for the past 6th months, but now I’m uncomfortable posting them. Anyone find a work-around or a way to deal with this?

    (I know beggars can’t be choosers–it is FREE)

  19. It’s 5/6/08 and I can’t get the voki into my sidebar. Do I need to upgrade my wordpress software?
    I just built the voki yesterday.

  20. This is so infuriating. My Voki avatar worked fine in the body of one of the posts for ages, but in the last couple of weeks it has disappeared and I can’t make head or tail of the widgets thing. I get 5 options for my sidebar when I open the presentation screen which all have the same description. I tried dragging the text1 box to bottom Mandigo sidebar and pasted in the text from the Voki site to generate my avatar. Nothing happended. Where has the Flash embed button gone for posts? I’m sorry, but this is another of those cases where things are made less accessible and easy to use on the basis of making them better!

  21. @mabelcelia sorry about that. I’ve sent you an email with some links to manuals and videos that might help.

    @heyjude51 glad to see that your voki is now working nicely. Looks great.

    @Debbie Thom sorry that I’ve been unable to help unfortunately your blogging platform has more restrictions than Edublogs.

  22. Hi Sue

    Thanks for your rapid response. I was tring to add the voki to the sidebar widgets first of all but I only got a link to the voki. I was using WordPress.

    I also tried to add the voki to a post but when I tried to only copy part of the code it highlighted all of it and not just the text after src.

  23. Hi there

    When I try to copy the code to embed voki in a post it will not allow me to copy the text after the “src” It highlights the whole code. SO far none of the things I have tried here work. Does anyone know why this is? I thought it was fixed.

  24. I have succeeded in adding a voki to my sidebar but it doesn’t have the options I put in like glasses, different outfit, etc. What did I do wrong or what can I do differently to make it show up right?


  25. @Mr T. congratulations for adding the voki to your sidebar and definitely agree not only should it be educational but fun as well. Try out some image generators they are lots of fun.

    @Amy glad the directions helped you. I’ve gone back and checked Voki and can’t see any option for setting it to play automatically. Sorry.

  26. Great directions. A quick and easy process once I got the text box to open. Is it possible to have the voki play automactically upon the webpage opening?


  27. Thanks Sue.

    I’ve successfully added the Voki to the sidebar. Thanks for not only getting back to us but also for monitoring this string.

    Afterall, websites, blogs and blogging should be fun as well as educational!

    (the non-gold chain version)

  28. Hi Everyone – Changes to Edublogs between when I wrote this post and when you tried to add a Voki are why your voki wouldn’t add to the sidebar.

    I suggest you try adding the voki to your side bar again – you should now find that it works — not a problem. Let me know how you go 🙂

  29. I’ve had the same problem as others who have posted here. The only thing that appears on my sidebar is the link to Voki. I’d really love to know the “fix” for this.
    Chris Dahl

  30. mrwalters–

    The WordPress software has never allowed scripts such as javascript (Java is a different kettle) because of the security risk. The option is to use a widget of some sort or to use the link but without the extra programming, i.e., javascript.

  31. Okay,

    This is really frustrating. I’ve wanted to embed this thing in my sidebar for about 6 months now. I finally find a tutorial, and it doesn’t work. Has anyone solved the problem of the evil textbox deleting the javascript? I didn’t make this thing to be buried in some post at the bottom of my blog. I made it for my sidebar. What does edublogs have against Java anyway? I find it quite tasty.


  32. I learned from Sue Waters that the way to solve the disappearing act in the sidebar is to drag the “blogroll” widget back into your sidebard. It makes the blogroll magically reappear.

    Also, I found that the Voki site generates code that shows the image 300 X 400, even when you select the required small size for the sidebar. To solve this problem, I pasted the text of the voki code into notepad and changed the 300 width and 400 height to 200 X 267. Then, paste the code into your text widget. (Ps. I’m sure Voki doesn’t like this, but I also deleted there little link saying “get a voki” or whatever it says right from the code. It seems to me the voki logo on the voki itself is advertising enough.)

  33. My blogroll has also disappeared from my side bar and I can’t paste the voki text intot he text box. It doesn’t allow it as an option. I have spent quite some time trying to do this and would love some help.


  34. I got the voki in my sidebar, but it took over my blogroll listing. How do I get the blogroll on there at the same time?

  35. Hi Helen – always happy to link to other bloggers.

    Hi wvskphillips , Mr Tanaka and Macteech – Definitely not you and thanks for letting me know. I’ ve just tested it myself. Looks like there has been some changes since I wrote this post and the Javascript is being removed when you save the changes. I’m looking it the matter and will get back to you.

  36. I’m having the same problem. I can’t get the Voki to show up in the sidebar, I get a link that says “Get a Voki” instead. I’ve tried this over and over and still can’t get it to work. Anyone have a fix for this?

  37. Ok, that’s great to know that I’m not a dummy and it’s not me.

    I also have not been able to get a Voki to show up as part of the sidebar, as Sonja mentioned.

    I’ve tried several variations and fixes to no avail. I did notice that once you relook at the code edublogger has stored in the text box, it only shows a very small portion of the original (hence you see the link going to the Voki site) but nothing else (no character).

    Could it be that the edublogger text box is stripping out parts and pieces of the code?

  38. I was able to easily add Voki to a post but I”m not having so much luck with getting it on my sidebar.

    I did get a clickable link to Voki to show up but not the character. It’s just a link to voki’s homepage.

    Any thoughts?


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