A Podcast And Professional Development On Blogging With Students

I recently sat down with Terry Heick from TeachThought.com to chat about a whole host of topics, including global warming, data privacy, ePortfolios, and blogging with students.

Terry and I met while on a whirlwind tour of Israel’s education system late last year. We talk a bit about that trip, too, including our weirdest moments and memories. The header image above is of our group on the tour while visiting an incredibly unique arts school that was in an old Arabic home.

TeachThought provides professional development services to schools and districts, including one-day workshops specifically on blogging and digital portfolios.

Be sure to check out all of their PD offerings here.

You can listen to the entire podcast episode below. Enjoy!

One thought on “A Podcast And Professional Development On Blogging With Students

  1. Ronnie,
    Thank you very much for sharing this informative post on blogging in the classroom. I am new to Edublogs, it is great to know that it has become a safe place where educators can work collaboratively with students to create blogs. I also appreciate that the features are available for educators to lockdown and monitor the blogs that students create in the classroom. I enjoy the idea of getting my students in the traditional classroom to benefit from blogging, but there are always the concerns of working in a secure environment. It is nice to know students can benefit from the technological knowledge while working on literacy skills without having to share it with the world.

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