A Must See Video: What Will Revolutionize Education?

9 thoughts on “A Must See Video: What Will Revolutionize Education?

  1. At some point you have to engage with what is the real problem, namely that our Education Establishment is not real keen on communicating knowledge. They will find all kinds of excuses for not teaching very much. So when they come to incorporating fancy new technologies, they’ll be all for it and they’ll do it in 100 different ways. But they will always fix it so nobody learns very much. The more wonderful the technology, the more wondrous will be their sophistries. So we have to outwit the sophists and then the revolution will begin.

    Here is a discussion of what we’re up against: The Zero Curriculum http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/01/k12_education_settles_for_empty_curriculum.html


  2. Yes, Brian Merrill.
    Not to try to start a holy war about computer platforms, but when I hear HUGE endorsement of one platform over another (usually it’s Macs), credibility is diluted, ignorance is displayed and I’m lost at that point. That being said, I associate Linux with someone with perseverance to go deeper and CP/M with a seasoned pro.

    For myself it was role models that got me interested in learning rather than teachers. Reading about Edison as a child and later in life working with brilliant engineers at Xerox.
    In retirement, I’m finding learning new things more fun than ever. Instructional design has matured to a point where it really works.
    Just finished an excellent class via the web thanks to an excellent teacher, excellent content delivery and instructional design . . . https://class.stanford.edu/courses/SelfPaced/Haptics/2014/about

  3. Social interaction with a caring teacher is best…what about engagement & experiential learning…is it the same-thing?

  4. A Revolution in Education. Only one fundamental truth here. The revolution is individual, as are all revolutions at incubus. Tools are tools. Teachers, teachers and never the twain shall meet. An effective teacher inspires the inceptive spirit to learn. An ineffective one doesn’t. Tools are still tools. That’s what all technology is. Just a tool.

    Lastly. Didn’t appreciate the MAC plug. Call it subliminal or not. It’s a commercial plug. THAT is the worst propaganda peddler in the educational sphere, bar none.

  5. if media doesn’t matter … why invest so much in projecting your message in hi-production video? Could even direct us straight to Richard Mayer’s written articles?

  6. Loved the video. Even in my lifetime in education I could draw a timeline of what was claimed to make a difference and turned out to be a fizzer.

  7. heya Ronnie, thanks for this video. It encapsulates a lot of work that my colleagues and I are involved in at the moment. So many “revolutions” – I remember in the 1970s, teachers telling us that computers would take over so many tasks and we would all end up working only 10-20 hours per week! That being said, I am excited by the way that technology can interface with deep thinking and would like to watch engage with more ideas like this.

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