A Look Back At 10 Favorite Activities From the Student Blogging Challenges

The latest round of the Student Blogging Challenge is wrapping up this week with a self-assessment and feedback challenge (along with a bit about the open nominations for the 2011 Edublog Awards).

The Student Blogging Challenges have been going on for FOUR years now – all started and maintained by the fearless and hardworking volunteer, Sue Wyatt. The original challenges are all archived on her old class blog here.

For the past two years, the challenges have ran twice each year at their own URL, studentchallenge.edublogs.org, and the challenges have improved the writing, blogging, and digital literacy of thousands of students world wide.

It is never too late to use or adapt the challenges for use with your own students!

Here’s a list of 10 of our favorite activities to get you started:

  1. Sept 2010 – Getting Your Blog Lookin’ Good
  2. Sept 2011 – Widgets and Games (My Place)
  3. Sept 2010 – Avatats, Animoto, and Voki
  4. Sept 2010 – Categories, Tags, and Quality Posts
  5. Sept 2010 – Images and Fair Use
  6. Sept 2010 – The Comment Game
  7. Sept 2011 – Digital Footprints and Digital Citizenship
  8. March 2011 – Infographics
  9. October 2011 – Creativity
  10. May 2011 – Assessing and Reviewing Your Blog

Be sure to follow us on twitter or facebook to be kept up to date about the next round of Student Challenges – most likely to start sometime in late February.

Happy blogging!

Photo: Students On Computers from Bigstock

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