Enroll Now! Free Course On Blogging

We’re excited to introduce the next Teacher Blogging Challenge of 2015!

Whether you are new to blogging, or want a refresher on all of the features that blogging can offer, come join us for our four week crash-course as we guide you through the process of blogging.

We’ll cover:

  • Setting up your blog
  • Publishing posts and pages
  • Working with widgets
  • Connecting with others
  • Embedding, images and using videos
  • Tons more!

How Does It Work?

The Edublogs Teacher Challenge is completely free of charge.

Each Teacher Challenge session lasts for 30 days, with 2-3 tasks per week that will be sent to you via email. We’ll send the first challenge to you on May 4th.

When you finish the Teacher Challenge, we’ll give you a badge to proudly display on your blog and a certificate of completion which you can use towards  your professional development hours.

You can use any blogging platform you prefer, but our detailed instructions will be written with Edublogs and CampusPress users in mind, so you’ll need to slightly adapt them depending on your platform.

Enroll For Free Now!

Enroll by filling out this Google form. 

Form has been disabled 8 May, 2015 as the challenge has started.

We aren’t able to add people to the email group at this time, however, you can see all of the activities and work through them at your own pace here.

At the bottom of each step you will see a series of tasks. Complete the task(s) by leaving a comment.

Stay tuned, as we’ll offer this (and other) courses again in the coming months.

9 thoughts on “Enroll Now! Free Course On Blogging

  1. Well, I signed up a day late. Can I still take this class, or do I need to wait the til the next class?

    1. Hi Lee

      Apologies for the delayed reply. Your email address was added to the list late last week and you should have received information on the second task of the series.

      Sue Waters
      Support Manager
      Edublogs | CampusPress

  2. Hi Sue, just got one of my teachers signed up to the Challenge but she has missed the May 4th start. Will she still get any missed emails or are the tasks posted somewhere online? Looking forward to Edutech!!

    1. Hi Graham

      She has missed the deadline to be added to the newsletter but can still work through the Challenge. Tell her to go to http://teacherchallenge.edublogs.org/personal-blogging/ and work through each step. At the bottom of each step she will see some tasks. She just needs to complete one (or more tasks) and add a comment to the post.

      For example. step 1 is set up http://teacherchallenge.edublogs.org/step-1-set-up-your-blog/ and here is a link to the tasks – http://teacherchallenge.edublogs.org/step-1-set-up-your-blog/#Your_Task

      Look forward to catching up in Brisbane!

      Sue Waters
      Support Manager
      Edublogs | CampusPress

  3. Hi Sue,
    I just signed up for a refresher Teacher Challenge but realized a gave the wrong e-mail. Could you please note that I should be contacted by my school e-mail. [email protected] (I used this one in the box above but not on the registration form). Also, I’ve just learned that I will be teaching year 5 next year. Can I change my blog address? Currently it is oisy6.edublogs.org

    1. Hi Gayle

      Thanks for letting me know and I’ve now corrected your email address.

      This latest series is on setting up your own personal blog as an educator. It’s all about how you share your reflections with other educators, document your teaching practice or use a blog to create an ePortfolio. Had you wanted a refresher on personal blogging or using blogs with students?

      If you need to change your blog URL you would need to create a new blog. Most teachers use reuse the same blog URL each year. If you need to make a new one for next year it is worth making the URL more generic so if you change grades you can keep the same blog. You create the new blog by going to My Sites in your dashboard and clicking on the Create new Site link.

      Sue Waters
      Support Manager
      Edublogs | CampusPress

  4. If I completed the challenge last year, will there be new material to warrant completing it this year?

    1. Hi Dan

      The content in the personal blogging series is pretty much the same as last year. I’ve checked through comments on the blog and can see you submitted comments to all tasks for the PLN series but only added one comment for the Personal blogging series. It is possible that you only worked through the complete PLN series and not the personal blogging series. Or worked through it but didn’t leave comments.

      Hope this helped?

      Sue Waters
      Support Manager
      Edublogs | CampusPress

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