2012 to be the year of student blogging!

When Edublogs first launched back in 2005, the average classroom had one computer, and many didn’t have even one.

Certainly there were next to no 1-to-1 initiatives or tablets in schools – and mobile computer workstations were just starting to be used.

Getting to the point, the face of blogging in education is way different now then it was just a few years ago.

On Edublogs, the two most popular types of blogs have traditionally always been:

  1. Classroom – Teachers providing updates and resources for students and parents
  2. Professional – A place for educators to share ideas and collaborate with each other

But over the past couple of years, there has been a new kid in town. It’s gone from a few brave teachers here and there that have pioneered the way for others to becoming standard practice in many schools and programs.

It’s student blogging, and it is here to stay!

And we couldn’t be more excited about it. There has always been students using Edublogs in various ways, but now with more devices available and an increased focus in writing and technology use and various curricula, more and more students are finding themselves blogging in school – young and old and across all subjects.

As discussed in this Time Magazine article, research shows that there are more benefits to blogging then you might first think – including improving student self-esteem and confidence offline and outside the classroom.

What does all of this mean?

Well for starters, it means that we at Edublogs have to do an even better job of making it easy for educators to create and manage large numbers of student blogs. We have tons of great tools already in place, especially on our Edublogs Campus sites, but we definitely recognize there is room to improve.

Yesterday we announced a few new tools to help with teachers that need to moderate and approve all comments and posts on student blogs – and there’s a bunch more in the plans for 2012. We believe that the learning benefits of blogging with students is maximized when students have their own personal blogs that they can take ownership of. Our system is designed (and will continue to improve) to let that be a reality in a safe, engaging, and easy to manage way.

This also means that the online community of educators that are blogging with students is growing. Through twitter, blogs, and other means, we need to develop ways to better facilitate collaboration and connect teachers and students that share similar goals. We’ve seen some of this through blogging projects such as this and the twice-yearly Student Blogging Challenge, but putting systems in place that bring it to the masses would be truly powerful.

What do you think? Are you using blogs with your students?

What Edublogs features or community resources would you like to see?

Photo: Teacher With Students from BigStock

10 thoughts on “2012 to be the year of student blogging!

  1. Hello Ronnie
    I would like to help this come true…and help blogging spread in Mexico. I have been living in Mexico for almost 30 years and realize that most teachers in basic education do not blog because great blogging platforms like Edublogs are not translated into Spansih and most teachers at basic educational levels (primary and secondary, even tertiary) do not know English and/or have few technological skills but want to learn.

    So, my idea is the folloiwng: to make your teacher challenges accessible in Spanish. I would like to translate your chalenges and perhaps even add some screencasting so it is accessible for the teachers in Mexico. I know that some videos are available for Blogger and WordPress from Spain and Argentina, but is there anything in Spanish for Edublogs?

    This is my idea to make 2012 the year of the blog in Mexico also. BTW, I have asked to design a series of courses for an office dedicated to professional development for the Board of Education and the Secretariat of Work has also reviewed and accepted my proposal; all I have to do is start….What do you think?

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  3. Hi Ronnie,

    This is a great read. I’ve found many benefits from students having their own blogs. I started slowly but now student blogs is a regular part of my classroom program.

    I’d been thinking about updating an old post on my blog about how I set up student blogs. I have outlined the process I follow and how I think I could change things in 2012.

    It might be useful to some of your readers http://primarytech.global2.vic.edu.au/2012/01/15/setting-up-student-blogs-2/


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