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This post is part of the #EdublogsClub – a group of educators and edtech enthusiasts that blog around a common theme each week. Simply write a post and share it to join in, or sign up to receive email reminders of each new prompt. 

Have you heard of 100 Word Challenge?

It is a free weekly creative writing challenge for children under 16 run by Julia Skinner (@TheHeadsOffice).

“Each week a prompt is given, which can be a picture or a series of individual words and the children can use up to 100 words to write a creative piece. This should be posted on a class blog and then linked to the 100 Word Challenge blog.

By setting a limited word count with a focused theme and a guaranteed audience beyond the class teacher, children have far greater motivation for writing.”

You can find out more about the challenge by visiting https://100wc.net/

Maybe you have students who would be interested in this challenge or maybe you know an educator you could share it with?

Prompt: 100 Word Challenge

Let’s try our own 100 Word Challenge! Look at the image below and write 100 words about it.

A boy of around 10 years old points at a rainbow and interesting cloud formation in the sky. He is standing in a hilly field with dry grass and a barbed wire fence.

  • Write a description, recount, poem or any genre you like.
  • What do you think has happened? Will happen?
  • Where is the setting and who is the character?
  • Let your imagination run wild!

Note the prompt image is a CC0 picture which means you are free to copy it and post it on your own blog.

Don’t forget to leave a comment with the link to your blog post.

Happy blogging!


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  1. Love this! My only suggestion would be to add an image description to make it more accessible. 🙂

    • Hi Kendra,

      This is an excellent point! I have just updated the post to make sure the image has ‘alternative text’. Thanks for taking the time to comment. This is an important issue to remember 🙂


      • Kathleen Morris
  2. Awesome idea, will definitely share with everyone.
    Love It!

    • majellagoulstone1
    • Thank you for spreading the word!

      • Kathleen Morris
    • Thanks, Sheila. I have stopped by your blog and left a comment. I love your take on it!


      • Kathleen Morris
    • Hi Alicia,

      Thanks for taking part! I will head over and have a look.


      • Kathleen Morris
    • Hi Jo,

      I love this take on the prompt. I will take a look now!


      • Kathleen Morris
    • Thanks for taking part, Nina. Your work is very creative!

      ~ Kathleen

      • Kathleen Morris
  3. The kid staring at a blue sky pointing at the clouds next to a wired fence next to dead trees in a plain of weeds and dead grass in the forest is probably full of all sorts of animals like coyotes that might howl at the moon or grasshoppers that chirp at night or birds that fly in the sky all animals are unique and have unique skills to survive in the wild like how squirrels are fast and could climb up trees to get away from predators and that is why all animals are all unique in a way.

    • Hi Diego, thanks for trying out the challenge!

      • Kathleen Morris
    • Thank you for taking part, Ines! I have left you a comment. I hope your students enjoy it too!


      • Kathleen Morris
      • Thank you for telling Julia to visit me. I’ m already engaged in the Challenge for Students!

        • This is fantastic news. I think your students will love it!

          • Kathleen Morris
    • Do get in touch for more details. As Kathleen explained, it is co9mpletely free to take part. Would love to see you sing up!

      • Julia Skinner
      • Hi Julia, I signed up and I’m following you on Twitter. Just read you at “The Pivotal Education”. I also send the Challenge links to some colleagues. Perhaps the 5 Sentence Challenge will be easier to our 5th and 6th graders as English is their second Language.