Which 1-to-1 Device Is Best in the Classroom?

A few weeks ago I made the switch from an original-sized iPad to a much smaller Nexus 7.

At first I was nervous to give up the larger screen size, but I’ve been really surprised by one key thing.

I find myself typing and inputting way more on the smaller device than I did on the iPad.

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To type on the iPad, I pretty much needed to set the iPad on a table. But on the smaller tablet, I can hold it like a phone and go at it with just my opposable thumbs.

This got me thinking that perhaps the smaller tablets might make a much better device in the classroom than a larger tablet (like an iPad or Nexus 10).

To be fair, I’ve been a Chromebook fan since they first came out.

So what do you think is the best tool for student use in the classroom?

Answer the quick poll, and leave a comment below with why!


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3 thoughts on “Which 1-to-1 Device Is Best in the Classroom?

  1. Though I think tablets are great tools, I find myself using a Chromebook more and more. After using one now for a few months I think it would be better that a tablet for the classroom. Why? First, it has a real keyboard so students can learn to type (or at least function with a keyboard). Then, there are fewer distractions available for the Chromebook (no cool apps). Finally, it forces students to function on the internet which is where the future is. Oh, one more. It’s cheap so no one will want to steal it.

  2. Hi Ronnie,

    I voted for the Chromebook today due to the function and the learning needs of our secondary students. In our district, we have Chromebooks, netbooks, and iPads. Chromebooks and iPads are fabulous devices, but it really boils down to the function. How do I want students learning with these devices? One-to-One should start with the conversation of what we want students to accomplish (the vision). Then find the device that best meets those needs. I also think age level has a lot to do with it. I prefer the iPad for my primary students and Chromebooks for secondary… and today I have my secondary hat on, which is why I voted for the Chromebook.

    Kind regards,
    Tracy Watanabe

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