It may be a poor business decision to discuss such controversial topics on a company blog. But this is too important to stay silent.

Earlier today, yet another tragic shooting took place at one of our schools here in America. As our leaders offer up more thoughts and prayers, precious lives continue to be ended in such horrific and unthinkable ways. Our hearts break for the Parkland, Florida community.

I write this post mostly because I often hear that all Americans love their guns. We have an international audience here on this blog, and I want the truth to be known: the majority of Americans do not own guns. The majority of Americans support increased gun control. And the rate of gun ownership is decreasing. [1]

Yet here we are, more of our kids that went to school this morning didn’t come home. It is hard to even think about the fact that there have been 18 school shootings in just the first 45 days of 2018. [2]

We are nearly 20 years since Columbine. More than 5 years since Sandy Hook. With dozens and dozens of shootings at schools each year. It isn’t just in schools, with mass shootings in the US occurring at more than 11 times the rate of any other developed country. [3]

There was a shooting in my hometown at the Junior High when I was 9 years old. I can still remember how it shook up the community, with terrified students (myself included), parents, and teachers for years after. And in this case, thankfully, nobody died. But for some reason, a 14-year-old boy had access to a gun and brought it to school.

Outside of the school, access to guns by kids is astonishing. Nearly two million American children live in homes with guns that are not stored responsibly. [4]

And 91% of all children who die from firearms in high-income countries across the world come from the United States. Guns are the third leading cause of death for all children between ages 1 and 17. [5]

Every day, 46 children and teens are shot in murders, assaults, suicides & suicide attempts, unintentional shootings, and police intervention. Every single day. [6]

We will continue to hear the thoughts and prayers from those that can affect change. With this most recent shooting, the new talking point seems to be “see something, say something.” This will be peppered in with vague mentions about the need for better mental health services. But these words are all meaningless without real action.

Please, no more thoughts and prayers. It is time for action on how we can stop a 19-year-old, who had been suspended from school for bringing a gun, from walking into a store and purchasing a military-style assault weapon. [7] We must work to elect those to office that will make this happen.

For decades we’ve done nothing while our kids are dying. We are ready for real change and real action.

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37 thoughts on “School Shootings: No More Thoughts and Prayers

  1. No more thoughts and prayers. Action is needed before anymore children die because President Trump is rigidly controlled by the NRA and the gun lobby. No more talk, as now guns are out of control and need to be cracked down on severely. No child should die because of Trump’s ignorance. I say bring in tighter gun control. Look at Australia for example, they don’t get mass shootings because they have strict gun control laws that don’t let psychopaths have guns. And for all you gun lovers out there, just think of how you would feel if your kid never came home from school because someone had just come in with a machine gun and mowed them down. Think of the children and take action. No more thoughts and prayers, just action. The dead wouldn’t want it to just simply happen all over again.

  2. I heard of three new systems Parkland is trying: transparent backpacks, investing in a metal detector at the main entrance, and locking the doors during class. Think we still need thoughts and prayers on how to wisely use this last option – sure they can tweak it. Glad some places are also re-adding counsellors – for whole class and individual emotional-health work. Of course, the obvious solution would still be to not allow semi-automatic weapons and to stop making the ammunition for it. Criminals could still get it but it would be a lot harder.

  3. My name is based on this topic mainly because I have a goal to reduce the amount of school shootings. We need to do what Switzerland is doing. There’s almost no school shootings there.

  4. Your right we’ve sat on out butts to long and we need to change this thanks for the blog post :l

  5. Your thoughts are amazing on the shooting and how we should all show support to those people who where thee during that tragedy.

  6. I propose we start looking at the dynamics WITHIN the school system that make it possible for any child to be bullied, harassed, and rejected to such an extent that he has so little empathy for others that he decides to take revenge on his peers and school personnel. Yes, automatic rifles should be banned, although without the RAGE that drives a kid to take lives of others the subject of weapons is moot.

  7. I like that you are standing up for what you think is right. I have that same opinion it is horrible I to have a blog and i to wrote a post on school shooting called stinken guns. My blog is if you want to read it

  8. I saw it on the news and it was really sad what happened that day. I would never have thought that a school shooting like that would happen. I feel sad for the ones that were killed in the school shooting. I love how you wrote this to show respect for the ones that died in the school shooting. I agree with you and I think that guns should be illegal.

  9. Thank you for awaring people about this topic. We need to live up to our country and be brave and put a stop to what we have worked hard for, for decades.

  10. So sad situation, something must be done. Thanks for sharing this topic in your post. Thoughts and prayers are not enough, still, we will be praying.

  11. Thank you very much for blogging this topic.
    I’m excited that the young people (the students of the school) have begun to take a proactive role in evoking change. It was another sad occasion for our country and hopefully something good will come from the ashes.

  12. When I heard about the shooting at the hs in FL, I was scared to death and thought that could have been my school. Thoughts and prayers to them and people rlly need to stop this since those kids didn’t do anything.

  13. This is so sad. 14 of the 17 were teens. 1 was a teacher who jumped in front of the gun. the other 2 were coaches who did the same thing. and most of the 14 teens were only !4 years old. May they rest in peace. They didn’t deserve this and we can help by avenging them by not letting this happen again

  14. May the seventeen teens who passed away in the shooting in Florida rest in peace and may god take care of them well in Heaven.

  15. I believe that praying will help, but I also think that we should do something about this instead of just saying how it ” breaks your heart” we should have at least two security officers around every entrance and exit 24/7 and we should have gun detectors in every American school.

  16. Thank you for sharing. As long as there is such a sharp divide between our mythology and our reality, this is our fate. We have to change it ourselves.

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