Our Class Blog List Has Been Updated — Is Your Class Blog on The List?

Look at this!A New Year means time to update the Check out Class Blogs list which has been growing since November, 2008.

About the Class Blog list

It now contains over 200 class blogs, sorted into different categories based on age, subject area and type of blog.

The list was set up so educators can check out different types of class blogs to get ideas for their own class blog while also making connections with classes in other countries.

I’ve worked through ALL the blog URLs in the comments on Calling All CLASS blogs…Please Share Your Blog URL With Us! to:

  • Remove blogs that have been deleted or are no longer active (haven’t updated since Jan, 2009)
  • Insert links to the new Class blog for educators who create a new blog for each school year
  • Add any blogs missing from the list

The list contains amazing examples of Class blogs from around the World!

How To Add Your Class Blog To The List

As Calling All CLASS blogs…Please Share Your Blog URL With Us! post is now over 12 months old, and contains over 250 comments, I’m closing off comments on that post.

Off course I’m still happy to grow our Check out Class Blogs list — I just need to restart the list to make it manageable again 😎

If you want to add your class blog to this list (or update your class blog details) leave a comment on this post to share with us:

  1. Your Class Blog name(s) and URL(s).
  2. Approximate age of students and are they primary, secondary or tertiary?
  3. If applicable, what subject area? e.g. maths, science, language, history, English, Art, Music, ELL, ESL, & EFL
  4. Country

Here’s an example of the type of information needed:

Example of the information required

Please check the Check out Class Blogs list first before providing updated information.

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191 thoughts on “Our Class Blog List Has Been Updated — Is Your Class Blog on The List?

  1. Hi Sue,
    Can you please add my class blog, The Classroom Connection to your list?
    Our URL is http://kwebb.edublogs.org
    We are a grade 4 class (ages 9-10 years) in New Brunswick, Canada. We love posting about our learning and connecting with other classrooms around the world on collaborative projects.

    Much appreciated,
    Mrs. Webb-Scheers

  2. Our class name is Global Problem Solving
    the URL for the course is: http://blog.whps.org/blizpal/

    The course is an experimental model of a social studies Capstone Course for seniors at a suburban Connecticut High School (USA)
    The course is for social studies credit, but the 61 seniors are taught by two social studies teachers and one English teacher.

    Comments from other senior courses involving studying global issues in depth or having senior action projects would be appreciated.

  3. Hi Sue,
    My class blog can be found at http://mrsw.global2.vic.gov.au. It is where we share with our family, friends and the global community what we have been learning about in our classroom.

    The students involved are years prep, one, two or 5 to 8 years old.

    Mrs W

  4. Hi


    I’d like my class blog to be added to the list. My students, aged 17-19, are studying Academic English at the School of Languages in Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey. I hope we can share our blog with others to share and work collaboratively.

  5. I’d like my class blog to be added to the list in the hope that it might lead to some cross-linguistic / cross-cultural exchange and genuine communication through EFL/ESL writing.

    2009 course: http://cw09ivan.edublogs.org/

    2010 course: http://ispacejuen.edublogs.org/

    My students are mainly Japanese trainee school teachers, aged 20-40.
    Some of the tasks might look very academic or technical, but if there is the potential for exchange, I would adapt it to put more emphasis on the communicative/cultural side.

  6. SCCART is the blog of the Art Department of St. Columba’s College in Dublin. It showcases pupil work alongsdie historical or topical items of interest. We have been blogging on SCCART since November 2009.

    Secondary school, Age 11-18
    Location Dublin, Ireland

  7. General class blog of 5th and 6th class pupils in Irish primary school

    Blog name: Mrs White’s Class
    url: killygarry6thclass.blogspot.com
    Primary 5th/6th class (10-12 years old)
    County Cavan, Ireland

  8. Hello,

    Our Blog is for Enhanced Provision children (aged 8 to 12 years) at Deanburn Primary School, Bo’ness, Scotland. The Blog is wholly run by the children themselves, with no adult involvement (other than maintenance and monitoring). It is a very active blog and a great way for the children to share their imaginations and their passions.

    Deanburn Enhanced Provision Blog

  9. Wa-Tho-Huck: The Bright Path Learning Blog

    9th-12th grade students in Mrs. Tammy Parks’ Broadcast Journalism/Media class are blogging about their experiences in developing student created virtual field trips for the 2011 Kids Creating Community Content International Contest (KC3)

    This year they have chosen to focus on the world’s greatest athlete, Native Oklahoman and American Indian Jim Thorpe. The VFT’s are aligned to state/national standards in multiple subject areas.

    My students have placed in the KC3 contest top three positions for the past three years. You can learn more about this contest at: http://kc3.cilc.org/

    We are a small, rural public school in SE Oklahoma, USA.

  10. Hi!

    I’m Shekema Silveri in Jonesboro, GA, and our class blog is at “In Session: Sentiments from Silveri’s Class” (http://ssilveri.edublogs.org).

    Our class blog features 11th grade AP Language & Composition students and 12th grade AP Literature students. We’re alive and well in the US!!

  11. Hi,
    Our class blog is written by transition year students as part of their journalism class. It is an attempt to update the school community on what’s going on.

    Moyle Park College is a secondary school in Dublin, Ireland. We teach students between the ages of12-18.

    Please add us to your blog list.

  12. Our blog is for our Lower School (Year 7, 8 and 9) age 11-13. The idea is that they write about anything they think their peers would like to read about. It can be about school related topics or out of school. We are an independent boys day school in Nottingham, England and would be interested in skyping other schools in the future. Please add us to your blog list.


    Samantha Culshaw-Robinson
    ICT Teaching Assistant

  13. Hi
    My class blog The Orange Tigers Be Extraordinary is a way for us as 5th graders (10 year olds) to explore technology and communicate outside of our classroom. We are working on learning about writing comments and posts. We hope to eventually have each student earn their own blog. We are in Upstate New York.
    Please add us to your list! Thank you!

  14. rodonellenglish.blogspot.com is one of the blogs in our school and it’s the one dedicated to English as a foreign language. Our school is in Catalonia (Spain). It’s a quite small primary school (about120 children).

  15. Hi
    My class blog-“Team Up for Success in Rm. 14” has been a very exciting experiment for my students and I as a way to showcase our learning and special events. We are from Northern B.C., Canada where we have found few published edublogs from our age group- Grade 4/5 9-11 year olds. Please add us to your list!

  16. The Middle Matters is one of four class blogs in our school. The Middles are Australian students aged 8-10 years and our goal is to reflect on our learning and to make connections with other students beyond our classroom.

  17. Hi,
    Our class blog is called FALLB2Section 6 and the link is:


    I am currently teaching pre-intermediate students aged between 17-19 at the School of Languages in Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey.
    We use our class blog as their writing/spaekiSibel Taskin Simsekng folder. Therefore, you can find their audio recordings that they have created using Voicethread and Podomatic if you visit their pages under “speaking” page on the right hand side of the home page.

    We are also looking for a partner class to share our project.

    Sibel Taskin Simsek