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Voki add a “human element” to your blog — readers can now hear your voice.

There are two ways a Voki can be added blogs:

  1. Using a text widget in your blog sidebar – when you always want the Voki to appear on your frontpage
  2. By embedding them in a Post or Page – when using the voki for giving instructions to students or displaying student created Vokis

Here’s instructions on how to add a voki to your blog sidebar.

This post explains how to embed vokis in Pages and Posts (check out these ideas on using Vokis in your classroom).

Embedding a Voki in Post or Page

Voki’s as embed in Posts and Pages as follows:

1.  Go to Voki

2.  Set up a Voki account and then create your own Voki.

3.  Once you have published your Voki grab the HTML embed code as follows:

a) From drop down menu next to ‘Embed in’ select WordPress

Selecting the destination for a Voki

b) From drop down menu next to ‘Size’ select Large (300 x 400)

Changing embed size of Voki

c) Click Get Code and copy all the HTML embed code

Tip: Fastest way is to use the ShortCut Keys Ctrl+A to select all text and Ctrl+C to copy the text

Copying the Voki HTML embed code

4. Go to Posts > Add New in your blog dashboard

5.  Click on Save Draft, previewed your post and make all necessary edits.

6.  Click on HTML Tab

7.  Paste the embed code for the  Voki into your post where you want it to appear then click Publish

  • Don’t click back to Visual Tab before hitting Publish as it can break the embed code.
  • Immediately close your post once you’ve published.
  • Change back to Visual Editing mode when you write your next post by clicking on the Visual tab.
Adding a voki to a page or post
Adding a voki to a page or post

Please note

Voki avatars embedded in posts are stripped out by feed readers like Google Reader.

It’s good practice to let your readers know that you’ve added a voki to a post and include a link to its original location

  • he location of your Vokis is enclosed by quotes after src= is the URL address of your voki in your embed code

For example you might say:

If my voki has been removed by your feed reader, you can check it out here.

Get a Voki now!


We hope you enjoy creating your voki avatars and adding them to your blogs. Please let us know how you go.

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  1. Hi,
    I want to post a voki in the sidebar. I copied the code into a text widget but it just doesn’t work or at least I can’t see it with google chrome or explorer. Any ideas why?

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