Welcome to The Edublogger, a blog that helps those involved in education learn about publishing online and using technology in the classroom. 

The Edublogger was established by Edublogs in 2008 as a way to share tips, tricks, and ideas to support the educational blogging community.

The Edublogger has evolved into a leading edtech publication providing detailed posts and resources on a weekly basis.

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About The Authors

Sue Waters was the original author on The Edublogger, joined a few years later by Ronnie Burt. Kathleen Morris began contributing to The Edublogger in 2017.

Meet Sue Waters

Sue WatersSue Waters is based in Perth, Western Australia where she’s married with two grown-up children and one fur grandchild.

Sue developed a passion for using technology to enhance student learning back in 2000 when she was working as an aquaculture lecturer in higher education.

Sue transitioned from working with students to facilitating professional development workshops, to her current role as Edublogs Support Manager.

As a blogger, Sue is committed to helping others learn how to apply technologies to the classroom from kindergarten to higher education.

Check out Sue’s personal blog: http://suewaters.com

Follow Sue on Twitter: @suewaters

Meet Ronnie Burt

Ronnie Burt is based in Austin, Texas. He’s married with two young boys.

Prior to joining Incsub, Ronnie taught middle school and high school math. This is where he began to explore the potential of having students publish online. Ronnie also has experience teaching at the undergraduate level.

Ronnie now leads the team at Edublogs and CampusPress. His educational interests include technology, policy, math, and WordPress. Ronnie’s extensive knowledge of WordPress means he also contributes articles to the WPMU DEV blog. 

Ronnie enjoys travel, has lived in Mexico and Spain, and is a longhorn football obsessed native of the great state of Texas.

Check out Ronnie’s personal website: https://ronnieburt.com

Follow Ronnie on Twitter: @ronnieburt

Meet Kathleen Morris

Kathleen MorrisKathleen is an Australian primary school teacher who began blogging with students in 2008.

While discovering the benefits of blogging in her own classroom, she quickly developed a passion for sharing her practice with others.

Kathleen is particularly interested in global collaboration and all aspects of digital citizenship. She now teaches part-time and is married with two young children.

Kathleen joined the Edublogs team in 2017 as Community Manager. You’ll find her posting on the Edublogs Twitter and Facebook account, and supporting the global community of teachers interested in publishing online.

In 2018, Kathleen took over as the leader of the Student Blogging Challenge. This 10-week challenge is held every March and October as a way for students to learn about blogging while connecting with others around the world.

Check out Kathleen’s personal blog: http://www.kathleenamorris.com

Follow Kathleen on Twitter: @kathleen_morris