23 Great Library Blogs

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Let’s say that you are a school librarian, and let’s say you’ve decided that like many of the teachers in your school, you too are ready to use a blog to connect with parents and students, to share your latest news and events, or perhaps to develop your own personal learning network (PLN).

You’re motivated and ready to begin, but you may have some lingering questions about the best way to get started and maybe you’re not entirely sure how to organize your new blog.

Unfortunately, searching the internet for “how to create a great library blog” doesn’t yield many helpful answers. There are some sites that come up in that search that appear useful, but overall it seems to make more sense to just visit library blogs, see what works and what doesn’t, and craft your blog around the ideas you like the best.

To make that process easier, we’ve compiled a list of library blogs on Edublogs. These blogs are wonderful examples of what library blogs can be, and they will hopefully provide you with a little inspiration and a lot of good ideas.

Library & Librarian Blogs

  1. 500 Hats
  2. AllStars Library
  3. Bloomsburg Public Library
  4. Bulldog Reader Blog
  5. Coudersport Public Library
  6. England Elementary Library
  7. Falmouth Elementary Library
  8. Galeton Public Library
  9. Heart Of The School
  10. Hewitt-Trussville High School Library
  11. Hunter TAFE Library
  12. JRE Library
  13. McSpedden Elementary Library
  14. MHMS Daring School Library
  15. Mira Costa High School Library
  16. Not So Distant Future
  17. Ogle Elementary Library
  18. Old Town Library
  19. Potter-Tioga Library System
  20. Priestley-Forsyth Memorial Library
  21. The Marie Holland Library
  22. Tompkins HS Library – The Book Nest
  23. WoodCreek Junior High Library

Know of any library blogs on Edublogs that we should add to this list?

If so, let us know in the comments below!

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