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Google Photos is my favorite photo and video sharing and storage service.

My phone is set to automatically uploaded photos to Google photos in high resolution when I’m connected to WiFi.

With Google photos I can access my photos across all my devices and it’s packed with numerous features that help me organize, use and manage my photos.

Below is a summary of my favorite Google photo features!

Google Photos search

Google photo search uses some complex image processing techniques to group photos together which makes its search incredible and very accurate!

This is handy when searching for finding photos you want to use or show others.

1. Click on the Search field at the top of Google Photos.

Photo Search

2.  This loads the search window which lists recent searches, photos grouped by person, by media type and location.

For example, clicking on a photo of a person pulls up any photo you’ve uploaded to Google photo with them in.

Google photo search

3.  Enter your search term.

Search term
All my photos found using the term kangaroo

Google Photos Assistant

The Google Photos Assistant enables you to easily create Albums, Collages, Animations and Movies.

Album examples:

A collage created from Walking with Giants photos taken from their visit to Perth in 2015.

Google photo collage
Example of collage created using Google Photos assistant

A movie created from photos.

Google Photo Assistant also automatically creates animations, videos and memories for you!

Embed Google Photos

Want to embed a video but don’t want to upload to YouTube?  Like my video of dolphins in the Swan River!

Would you like readers to be able zoom in easily on a photo? Like my photo of my Ockerby ancestry below compiled by Rev Thomas Ockerby Hurst (my great-grandfather) in 1939.

You can do both by embedding Google photos into your website.

Here is how:

1. Log into Google Drive in the web browser on your computer using the same gmail account you use for Google Photos.

2.  Click on Google Photos folder in the left sidebar (photos and videos are automatically added to Google Drive).

Click on Video

3.  Click on the video or photo you want to embed and then click on the More icon and select Share.

Click on Share

Videos take some time to upload to Google Drive from Google Photos.  If the video has only recently backed up to Google Photos it mightn’t appear for awhile in Google Drive.

4.  Click on Advanced option in Share window.

Click on Advanced

6.  Click on Change next to Private.Change

7.  Click on On – Any one with a link or On – Public on the web and then click on Save.

Click Any one with link

8.  Click on Done to close the Share window.

9.  Click on the More icon and then Open in new Window link.

Click Open in new window

10. Click on the More icon in the new window and select Embed Item.

Embed item

11.  Copy the embed code.Copy Embed code

11. Paste the embed code into your post using Insert Embed in the Add Media Window and then click Insert into Post.

The method you use will depend on the website or blog platform you use.  This is how you do it on Edublogs and CampusPress networks.

Add embed code

12.  Once your post is published you’ll see your photo or video embedded.

Your Tips or Questions?

Unfortunately you can’t currently embed a Google Photo Album.  The workaround is to create an animation or movie and then embed.

Hope this information helped!

Please leave a comment below to provide tips on using Google Photos or let me know if you have any questions.


About Sue Waters

Support manager for Edublogs and CampusPress. Follow me on Twitter @suewaters!


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  1. This is helpful thanks

  2. Thanks Sue Waters. It is a helpful post for me. I faced some problems when I want to search photos through google. From now I think I will be able to manage this.

  3. Sue, perhaps a good WordPress plugin for bloggers might be very useful. I am a Google Photos user myself and crave for a robust and solid plugin that can import my photos into my WordPress blog. This way, we can use the Google Photos Cloud to host the pictures and still display on our blog.

  4. Thats cool