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UPDATE 11 February 2015: We sent out the first of the Teacher Challenge emails today! If you didn’t receive the email, please contact us directly at [email protected]

We’re excited to kick-start the first Teacher Blogging Challenge of 2015!

Whether you are new to blogging, or want a refresher on all of the features that blogging can offer, come join us for our four week crash-course as we guide you through the process of blogging with students.

We’ll cover:

  • Setting up class and student blogs
  • Teaching quality comments and posts
  • Working with widgets
  • Images, copyright, and creative commons
  • Connecting with other classes
  • Tons more!

How Does It Work?

The Edublogs Teacher Challenge is completely free of charge.

Each Teacher Challenge session lasts for 30 days, with 2-3 tasks per week that will be sent to you via email. We’ll send the first challenge to you on February 9th.

When you finish the Teacher Challenge, we’ll give you a badge to proudly display on your blog and a certificate of completion which you can use towards  your professional development hours.

You can use any blogging platform you prefer, but our detailed instructions will be written with Edublogs and CampusPress users in mind, so you’ll need to slightly adapt them depending on your platform.

Enroll For Free Now!

Enroll by filling out this Google form. (Form has been disabled 11 February 2015, as the challenge has started. If you want to be added, please email [email protected]).
The Teacher Challenge series begins on February 9th and is excellent way of preparing for the Student Blogging Challenge which starts in March.

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below.


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  1. Would love to see another session sometime in September or early October 2015! This looks like a great course!

    • Tamara Malloff
  2. Will you be doing this teacher course again? I just found out about it…

  3. Eagerly waiting to start.

    • merikol patrick
  4. How can I get prof dev points applied ahead of time? An informational paragraph with the number of credits awarded would be helpful. We are supposed to supply this ahead of time where I work. Thanks!

  5. Will the students have to pay for hosting?

  6. Currently I am not teaching as I am managing a community radio station with a great interest in supporting young people

    So I also hope I am in

    • bernard denner
  7. it is a start – are we blogging

    • bernard denner
  8. I only signed up today…any chance I can still get this week’s challenge?

    • Melodie Bryceland
  9. Going to be a great way to connect!

    • Janet Ilko (@writin4change)
  10. I would like to learn but I am a very busy person. Completing 2-3 tasks per week sounds like a lot (it depends!) for me with my busy schedule. Could they be submitted at the end of the week or arranged flexibly so that I could pick my own time to do them?

    • Marina Sokolova
  11. Looking forward to learning more about blogging.

  12. I am excited to learn another tool to use for my students!

  13. It’s 3pm MST – just want to be sure I haven’t missed something? No email yet.

    • Dorothy Baxter
  14. I registered today but got no email. Am I too late?

    • Sandrine Pac-Kenny
  15. I am ready to get started!!

  16. I am excited and ready to begin!

  17. I am a newbie to the blogging world. Let the learning begin.

  18. This is great!! How many hours of Professional Development will this cover?

  19. Just signed up!! Hope I am not too late. Looking forward to blogging 2015!

    • Shannon Watkins
  20. I too am eager to get started.

    • Hi Phyllis – yes – be good to know we have started but have no confirmation

      • bernard denner

  22. I’m hoping to connect my students with other students around the globe and make learning a real time experience with more relevance.

    • Janice M Koski
  23. I haven´t received any confirmation of enrollment just yet. Is that OK? Thanks!

    • Looks like you are good! We’ll send the first tasks by email tomorrow 🙂

  24. I need help on editing my students product.

  25. Hey bring on the challenge but need to learn to blog better – thanks for the opportunity

    • bernard denner
  26. Great ^^ I want to experience this challenge!

  27. I look forward to become a part of this batch and to earn a badge as well as certificate from the course.

    • Camilo M Villanueva, Jr
  28. Hello

    I’m currently supply teaching so do not have a class. Would I still be able to take part in the challenges, or not?

    Many thanks


  29. Eager to start!

    • Cecilia Petrone