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Hello Edubloggers!

We recently began a weekly email campaign to share the week’s top Edublogs posts.

We’ve found some great posts to share over the last few weeks, but would like to feature even more of the insightful content that educators and students are producing.

If you have a post that you’d like us to share with the entire Edublogs community, we’d love it if you would tweet it using the #edublogs hashtag.

That way we can share it with all of our twitter friends, and compile a list of the best posts to highlight in our emails.

Through working with you on your blogs, our team gets to see some of the amazing sites you have created using Edublogs. We’d be so grateful if you’d share your best work with us so we can see even more of the sites you have created, and so  we can share them with the rest of the Edublogs community.

circle graphic showing the cycle of sharing from edublogs to twitter to our weekly email

How to share your posts:

  • Take a look at your blog and find a recent post you’re really proud of.
  • Share your post on Twitter using the hashtag #edublogs.
  • While you’re there, search Twitter for other posts using the #edublogs hashtag. If you find one that’s really great, leave a comment for the author. Everyone loves getting comments on their blogs!
  • Each week, we’ll re-share as many of the tweets sent our way as we can, and we’ll select a few special posts to feature in our weekly Top Posts email that goes out to everyone on the Edublogs mailing list.
  • If you’re not on our mailing list, be sure to sign up!

We hope that through sharing the best Edublogs posts we can create open channels of communication and collaboration between educators and students. And, we really just enjoy sharing the great work you are producing.

So, if you have an awesome post that you’d like to share with the world, send us a tweet using the #edublogs hashtag. And then keep your eye out to see if your post is featured in this week’s Top Posts email.

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About Jason

CampusPress|Edublogs Account Manager -- It's a great feeling knowing that every day I go to work helping teachers and students use blogging as a means of sharing their knowledge and passions with their friends, families and peers all over the world. Connect with me using @Edublogs_Jason on Twitter.

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  1. Hello,
    I think it’s wonderful how much your Edublogs team does to support other educational bloggers. I’ll definitely consider taking one or more of your helpful courses this summer. I ma new to your site and I’m wondering whether I should add my blogs from my website onto an Edublog to share about my posts using your hashtag #edublogs.

    • Keri Vandongen