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The  September 2010 Student Blogging Challenge is nearing the end and the students have been working REALLY hard on their weekly challenges!

We now have 136 class blogs and over 900 student blogs registered from 17 countries of the world

It’s time to celebrate while using it as an opportunity to collect examples of student work!

So we’ve decided give away thirty Edublogs Pro 12 month subscriptions which you can use on your own blog or give away to a reader.

How to Enter

Any class or student blogger can enter, including bloggers not currently participating in the September 2010 Student Blogging Challenge!

Just write a post based on any of the topics themes listed below:

  1. Your story of how blogging has helped you connect to a global audience? What this connection has meant to you?   e.g.  the friends you have made, what you have learnt about other cultures, how you are able to share your passions with others, how you are able to use blogging to share your views on topics
  2. What difference has blogging made to your life at school and home? e.g. how has it changed how you learn, the challenges of blogging and how teachers might make the process easier
  3. What was the best weekly challenge task you completed in the September 2010 Student Blogging Challenge e.g.  what did it involve, what did you learn and why did you enjoy it the most?
  4. If you were in charge of the Student Blogging Challenge — what are some of the weekly challenge tasks you would include and why?
  5. Your own choice of topic.  Here’s the chance to demonstrate how creative you can be!

Once you have written your post:

  1. Leave a comment on this post letting us know you have entered, with a link to your post plus your grade/year level.
  2. Explain in your post which topic you are writing about and link back to this post so that we receive a pingback advising us that you have written the post (read this to understand What’s A Pingback? And How To Write Links).

For example you might copy the following into the bottom of your post and just change the topic enclosed in the qutoation marks:

This post has been written on “my story of how blogging has connected me to a global audience” as part of The Edublogger’s Share Your Blogging Experience

What you could win

The six best posts for each topic will win an Edublogs Pro 12 month subscription which you can use on your own blog or give away to a reader.

You can submit posts for as many topics you like!

And off course all winners will get a badge they can add to their blogs 🙂

Remember we’re looking for the best — so here is your chance to demonstrate your blogging, writing and creative skills!

You have until Friday Dec 3 to enter.

If you are enjoying reading this blog, please consider feed-icon32x32 Finding and Adding Creative Commons Images To Your Blog PostsSubscribing For Free!

About Sue Waters

Edublogs Support Manager @suewaters on Twitter


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  20. Hello,
    My name is Joseph. I am in the 6th grade and 11 years old. My passion is observeing bugs and then writing about them. In this post I wrote about how ants work together to survive and how humans should follow their example. My blog is:


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