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We regularly update the entire Edublogger’s class blog list to ensure the list remains current, contains helpful resources and see what else we can do to help you to find class blogs for the grades and subjects you teach.

We’ve just completed the latest update!

You can view the list on our Class blog list page.

About the Class blog list


The Edublogger’s class blog list was originally created in 2008 for educators to use as a resource to:

  • Get ideas on how class blogs are used with students.
  • Check out ideas they can use with their students and on their own class blog.
  • Make connections with classes in other countries.

6 years later I continue to be inspired by how long some of these blogs have been used for class blogging! Some have been used since 2007.

Keeping the list current

To ensure that the class blog list remains current and contains helpful resources we go through the entire list several times a year to remove any blogs that:

  1. Have been deleted
  2. No longer exist
  3. Are no longer active (haven’t updated recently)
  4. Have changed their privacy from public to private.

Is your Class blog on the list?

Would you like to your class blog to our class blog list?

Then fill in the following form.

Please a comment on this post if your blog is already on the class blog list and we need to update some details.

8 Responses

  1. mganther says:

    Hi! I am new to blogging. Dabbled in it last year. Have been pouring over edublog’s site determined to build a blog that will serve my purpose in connecting students-parents and the activities I sponsor. I appreciate the support of edublog. It’s been A LOT of work, but well worth it I hope!

    • Dan Leeman says:

      Connecting students, parents, and your activities sounds like a great purpose :)
      Best of luck, and let us know if you need any help along the way!

  2. mrsrombachreads says:

    I am so excited to launch my blog for the new school year…and to write with and about my awesome sixth graders. I’m still learning how to maximize Twitter…but enjoying all the insight from Edublogs. :) Wondering when I should check back for the student blogging challenge. So enjoyed taking part in that this past spring. :)

    • Sue Waters says:

      Hi Martha, Great to hear how much the student blogging challenged helped! The student blogging runs twice yearly; starting in March and September. You can subscribe to email notifications on the Student Challenge blog to be notified of when you need to register –

  3. Priya says:

    Hi. I would like to get my kids at school involved and the community. Am new to this. How do I create a blog, just any would do? Any tips! Thanks a million!

  4. cnmoua99 says:

    I believe this is a great way for classes to share ideas that many others didn’t know of. I find it very helpful and informative since it kept me updated on what other class of students are doing all around the world. It also gives me a chance to share my own blog and ideas.

  5. Ev Sillers says:

    I have not set up a Twitter class account and am not sure how to do this. I would appreciate your help. Thanks.

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