The Class Blog List has been updated! Is your class blog on the list?

Once yearly we go through the entire Edublogger’s class blog list to ensure the list remains current, contains helpful resources and see what else we can do to help you to find class blogs for the grades and subjects you teach.

We’ve just completed the 2012 update!  We hope you find the list helps.

You can view the list by:

  1. Going to our Check out our class blog list page.
  2. Downloading our Edublogger’s class blog list PDF — handy if you want to print copies to share with others!
  3. Scrolling to the bottom of this post to view our embedded Google Spreadsheet of the Edublogger’s class blog list.

Please let us know if you would like your class blog added to the list.  We add new blogs onto the list throughout the year and would love to add yours.

About The Edublogger’s Class Blog list

The Edublogger’s class blog list was originally created in 2008 for educators to use as a resource to:

  • Get ideas on how class blogs are used with students.
  • Check out ideas they can use with their students and on their own class blog.
  • Make connections with classes in other countries.

Now 3 years since the list was first created:

  • It’s still growing — the list is updated monthly to add new class blogs to the list.
  • It’s the most visited page on this blog

The list is created by teachers who submit their class blogs to be added to it by leaving a comment on these posts.

Keeping the list current

To ensure that the class blog list remains current and contain helpful resources we go through the entire list once a year to remove any blogs that:

  1. Have been deleted
  2. No longer exist
  3. Are no longer active (haven’t updated recently)
  4. Have changed their privacy from public to private.

Improving the list

During the yearly update we also look at how we can improve the list.   This year we have made the following changes:

  • We’ve changed to an embedded Google spreadsheet because it makes it easier to quickly update the list.
  • We’re broken the class blog list into Grades; Subject Areas such as Maths, Science, English, History, LOTE, EFL /ESL; type of blog such as Library, School news.

Blogging Since

We’re also aware that with some many blogs on the list that educators needed a way to quickly scan the list while learning more about the age of specific blogs.

The solution was the Blogging Since information.  For example, 2004 means the blog has been used for class blogging since 2004 whereas 2009 means a blog with has been used as a class blog since 2009. A class blog with ‘Since’ and the date indicates the teacher has been blogging for awhile but is now using a different class blog URL.

I continue to be amazed with how long some of these blogs have been used for class blogging!

Is your Class Blog on the List?

If you want to add your class blog to this list (or update your class blog details) leave a comment on this post to share with us:

  1. Your Class Blog title(s) and URL(s).
  2. Grade level(s) of your student
  3. If applicable. what subject areas or class blog category?  Refer to the category list on Our check out Class blogs page.
  4. Country
  5. Age of class blog.  Blogging since?
  6. Feel free to add other information as educators refer to comments to create connections with other class blogs!

Please check the Check out Class Blogs list first before providing updated information.

And here’s the complete Edublogger’s Class Blog list:

Just click on their blog title to visit the class blog!

Sue Waters

Edublogs Support Manager @suewaters on Twitter

87 Responses

  1. Michelle Wallace says:
    USA, TX, 5th grade, blogging about thankfulness, school, and books

  2. Gareth Mate says:

    Can you add or have a look at my Class Blog for Fifth Grade children 10 & 11 years at my school in Nottinghamshire England.

  3. Gabrielle Lavars says:

    Please add our blog to your list!
    Grade 4/5 at Napoleons Primary School
    From Australia.
    Been blogging since 2010.

    Thank you!

  4. Alicia Vilas says:
    4th grade
    Self-contained (all subjects)
    Blogging since February, 2013

  5. Mrs Kirby Phillips says:

    We would love it if our blog could be added to the list please!

    Mrs Phillips Class Blog
    Year 6
    Blogging Since 2011

    Thanks you!

  6. Emma Milne says:

    Please add our details to your list

    Thompson 5 Class Blog
    Teacher Ms M.
    Year 5
    New to education blogging, but very excited & full of ideas.

    Thank you

  7. ArleneB says:

    Welcome to the 2012-2013 School Year- for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teenagers Across the Globe

    Arlene Blum

  8. Pauline Quealy says:

    Year 5 at St Anthony’s
    Primary, Year 5, 10 and 11 year olds.
    Sydney, Australia
    Blogging since 2009.
    I start a new blog each year with my new class.

  9. Gary says:


    I am Gary Darma a Grade 5 teacher in Shepparton, Victoria, Australia. We would love to connect with similar classes from anywhere in the world. Our class blog is please add us to this list we have already been checking out other classes blogs and love finding out what others are up to.

  10. Marie Swift says:

    Please make a small change to my information on your class blogs list. I’ve switched to Grade 5.
    Many thanks for all your great resources!


  11. terrifictuis says:
    yr3/4 class NZ

    please delete from the list (inactive)

    Sian Noble-Campbell

  12. Mrs Bartley says:

    Hi there,
    Would please add my class blog to your great list!
    It is a 5/6 class in Sydney, Australia
    Thank you!

  13. Mrs Miller says:

    Hello edublgogs

    We seem to have dropped off your lists. – Year 6 class, Sydney Australia – Year 5 class, Sydney Australia – Year 4 class, Sydney Australia – Year 3 class, Sydney Australia – Year 2 class, Sydney Australia – Year 1 class, Sydney Australia – Kindi class, Sydney Alsutraia

  14. Kim McLean says:

    Our blog is called McBlog 240 and URL is
    We are a 3rd grade classroom in Wisconsin. Our blog is an all class blog but you can access individual student blogs (kidblog account) on a separate page of our class blog.

  15. Fiona says:


    I currently teach pre primary in Western Australia. I have been blogging since 2011 but this address has only been running this year. You can find us at

  16. Mrs. Hamman says:

    Mrs. Hamman’s Class Blog
    3rd grade class blog
    Arizona, USA
    We’ve been blogging on our Edublogs Campus blog since August 2011.

  17. Mrs S says:

    Hi guys, this is a fabulous resource. I would love to list our class blog on the site as well. We are called 5/6 JSPM Learning Centre Leaders
    You can find us at
    It is a grade 5/6 class blog in Victoria, Australia and has been running since 2012
    Mrs S

  18. Tam Scharf says:

    Yr5SK Learning in Nth Qld
    Nth Qld, Australia
    Moved over to Edublogs in 2013

  19. annies says:

    Hi there,

    I wanted to share the Drug Education blog that our school has developed. It contains links to a wide range of Drug Education teaching and learning resources.

  20. AnnieS says:

    Hi all,
    I just wanted to share our class blog – Year 4 @ Cranbourne East Primary School. We are a Year 4 class in Melbourne, Australia.


  21. inpi says:

    Hi Sue!
    I’m setting my new blog as a “Writing Workshop Blog” and I’ve been preparing it for a while. It is meant for 5th and 6th grade students, it’s in Portuguese (with google translation widget on the side bar).
    New school year will start in September and I have been individually introducing some students to on line safe interaction.My student Ana Clara is learning how to “sail” on her own:
    So, If you agree, I would like to include my blog in Edugblogs list:
    Thank you for your wonderful work.

  22. sam says:
    we would love our blog to be listed.
    We are a great class of year two children at St Albans School in Christchurch New Zealand

  23. Stephanie Kitto says:

    We are a year 1 &2 class who have just started blogging. We’d love you to visit our class blog and leave a comment for us.

    Clyde School – Room 6 Fliers!
    Year 1 & 2
    New Zealand
    Blogging since 2013

  24. year7pe says:

    Please can you add to the list.

    Much appreciated

  25. Mrs. Eickmann says:

    our Blog Title & URL: Mrs. Eickmann’s Class

    Grade level: 4

    Country USA
    Age of class blog. Blogging since? 2013

    We are just getting started on this open blog site. Global Read Aloud was our catalyst to this.

  26. Jacqui Wilson says:

    Prep Wonderful
    Mostly 5 year olds
    Melbourne Australia
    New Blog- collection of games we enjoy

  27. Alice Sims says:

    I will be retiring as of June 1, 2014, and feel like my blog should be removed from this list. I have been honored to be recognized, but I’m sure there will be many more blogs that will now be of more use.
    The URL is

  28. Kim Anthony says:

    We can be located at:
    Our blog name is 6th Grade Allstars
    We are a sixth grade class. We have been blogging since 2013. We are located in the U.S., California.

    All subjects, self-contained elementary school.

  29. inga miller says:


    Please add our class to the list :)
    School: Atlantic International School, Moscow, Russia
    Class: Year 5 (8-9 year-olds)

    Thank you!

    Ms Miller.

  30. Skye Baldwin says:

    Title: Mrs Baldwin’s Class Blog
    Grade: Year 4
    Subjects: All learning areas
    Country: Adelaide, Australia
    Age of Blog: April 2014
    Our class are just getting the hang of blogging and are using it during the Daily 5 every morning and for homework. We would love to begin connecting with other classes around the world of any age group! I am still learning as a teacher with the blogging but love the idea and the students really respond to reflecting on their learning through commenting and replying to each other. If you could please add us to your list so we can begin connecting with other class blogs, that would be great!
    Thanks heaps

  31. Skye Baldwin says:

    Hi, I just saw my class blog Mrs Baldwins Class Blog, was added to the list, thanks heaps! However it says our blog is from the USA and we are actually from Australia as written above previously. If this could be changed that would be great! Thanks

    • Sue Waters says:

      Hi Skye, sorry and I was having a Sue moment while adding your blog. I also network with Michelle Baldwin so while adding your blog I was thinking about her. I knew it wasn’t her class blog URL but she is based in USA :)

      I’ve now fixed the location and thanks for letting me know.

  32. Luke McPherson says:

    Title: Mr M’s Classroom Blog
    Grade: Year 7/8
    Subjects: All learning areas
    Country: Canada
    Age of Blog: September 2013

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